There are Instagram and Tumblr accounts dedicated to showcasing the handwriting, known as calligraphy, of others. People can write with such ease and flow, and for some reason this is so appealing to us. There are even accounts and books dedicated to teaching others how to write with the same techniques. Calligraphy comes about in multiple ways, because people have different handwritings. Handwriting is a form of art and people feature that differently.

Here are some examples of the types of writing that you can see and try to replicate.

This recent fascination brings up this question: are we more interested with this art form now, because cursive handwriting is being taught less in schools? There are kids who aren't being taught cursive in school and look at it like it's a foreign language. Many adults have trouble writing in cursive and it is not required (or even recommended) to use it in upper level schools or work. Perhaps this is the reason that we look at it more as an art rather than someone having "better" handwriting.

Calligraphy is known as a "decorative handwriting" and it is known as a type of art because it is so uncommon for someone to naturally have such harmony in their writing. The current obsession may be because it is an "old-fashioned" way of writing and since it is not common to see script, we have an interest in it.

I have even bought into the trend and purchased pens specifically designed for calligraphy. I wanted some of these pens especially because I saw people on Instagram use them. Then I would go on Youtube and watch videos and then follow along to try and get ahold of the techniques that these calligraphers use. Sometimes when I'm on Instagram, I just sit there and I'm so intrigued by the way that some people can write. It's truly like watching someone perform an art.

You can purchase some supplies to start your calligraphy hobby at any local craft store or even online. Depending on what type of calligraphy you want to pursue, you will need ink, a nib, a pen holder, paper and a ruler. Otherwise, you can just use a brush pen along with paper and a ruler.

For anyone looking to begin this art form, there are a few tips to help you get started and be the best you can be. Learn about the pen holder and nib, and get the one that works best for you. If that seems too difficult, I would check out a brush pen. Next, make sure you are holding the pen correctly so you can get the thick and thin strokes correct. Also, make sure you use a ruler so the height of your letters matches up throughout. Lastly, practice, practice, practice!

Best of luck to anyone starting this new art form as a hobby.