As we approach another holiday season, we start to hear the voices of Mariah Carey, Michael Buble, and Bruce Springsteen. Yes, if you're like me, you've been blasting this music since Thanksgiving. If you're not like me and have been blasting since the first time you had to put on a winter coat, I won't shame you, but other people will.

As I stepped into the Alumni Memorial Union, I heard none other than "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" and at that moment the Christmas feeling began to warm my heart. So I thought to myself, is holiday music the spark for the holiday season?

I mean think about it, when I think of the Christmas season, I think of snowfall on the outside, the fireplace warming the area around the glistening Christmas tree, the smell of whatever meat is in the oven, and none other than the smooth notes run down the piano and the lyrics "have yourself, a merry little Christmas" in that low raspy voice, and all of a sudden, the taste of candy canes and eggnog begin to salivate in your mouth.

When I look back at all my beloved childhood Christmas memories, I think of the Christmas tree that I had, which was wrapped in Christmas lights that sang and sounded like bells which repeated every possible classic Christmas song. I remember I would lay down in bed upstairs, and listen to the ringing as I slowly closed my eyes.

It's the small things that really bring together the holiday season, whether that be the smell of hot cocoa and peppermint, the sight of all the ugly Christmas sweaters, or if you're like me, it is the simple background Christmas music that really brings in the holiday spirit.

So turn up the holiday radio, cause the holiday season is finally rolling in. Grab some hot cocoa and chill by the fire with your family. Its the most wonderful time of year so spend it with the most wonderful people and make the most wonderful memories.

Happy Holidays, everyone!