I want creativity. I want to help others. I want passion. Will society understand? In today's day and age, we are tempted with structured classes and coursework that create doctors and accountants. But, what about me? I feel like I don't fit in with what societies preconceived notions look like for "after college" careers. How about moving to an unfamiliar city and sharing a small apartment with strangers and riding a subway to commute to a dream job?

Recently I went on a trip where I met a couple of people who asked about my after college plans and desires. I shared my interest in moving to New York and working as a writer. They asked if I wanted to be a reporter or a journalist and were confused when I shared my dreams to work in the lifestyle industry as a writer or maybe work as a freelance writer...or help people become writers and explore their options? I was asked about money and strictly told there was no way I would be able to "survive" financially on these goals I had curated for myself. I know I am not alone. But, it was incredibly frustrating told that money and living in a place where a family isn't possible was disheartening. I wondered why society had put such an obligation on making lots of money where that beats out having a dream and working to find success.

I may have this wrong, but I grew up believing that you should strive to become something you are proud of. You should attempt to work every day and feel like you are living out your dream. You should strive to help others and make the most out of experiencing new things.

What I want: happiness, a lot of love, a lot of passion, and I want to know I worked as hard as possible to reach my fullest potential

What society wants for me: happiness, love, money, stabilization, and a family

Stabilization is not a bad thing. I would love to ensure stabilization, but I am not going to push my dreams aside to feel safe. Success sometimes comes with uncertainty and taking risks, and I think sometimes society forgets that taking risks is essential.
I think pushing yourself to believe you deserve more is taking action to make it happen. The first step is understanding the future and knowing that money comes in stages and growth is always possible. You are not "stuck" where society believes you will be. Push yourself beyond all limits.