'The Last of Us'
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'The Last of Us'

A zombie game with many surprises.

'The Last of Us'

"The Last of Us" is a video game that is made by Naughty Dogs. Now Naughty Dogs is a game developer that I am familiar with because of the "Jack and Daxter" series of games. So I have played some of their games, not many, but some. In this game there is a lot of detail, which makes it quite fun. Now like with any review, it will have some spoilers.

Ish is fun detail that is in a part of the game. He is a character that you never meet, but with notes that he lives behind or the ones that he lives with. The thing that makes it better is the fact that he is a reference to the main character to "Moby Dick," and to the protagonist in "Earth Abides." Yes, I did some research on this because it is truly a vast game. The reason for the two is in the game he was a sailor and so was Ishmael and to Isherwood Williams who started a group of survivors.

Now to the story of the game. It has a bit before the zombie outbreak. You start playing as Sarah, Joel’s daughter. Now it begins with her waking up to bombs going off, so you search the house for her dad. He rushes into the kitchen with the neighbors that have turned behind. He than kills them and the uncle was there to take you away to a safe spot. The way is blocked and a few zombies attack so you guys run into the nearby woods. Where Sarah breaks her leg and you switch over to play as Joel.

You carry her as you run from the car. You run into a restaurant and one breaks in, the uncle, Tommy, stays to kill it as you take the back door. You run into a solder and they get ordered to kill them. He starts to shoot and you drop Sarah. The two of you roll down a hill where the soldier goes to Joel, but before he kills him, Tommy kills him. Then Joel runs to to Sarah as she bleeds out. This is a game that makes you feel a lot of emotional attachment to it's characters

The game then jumps twenty years after that, you work with Tess as a smuggler. You live in a military control that has an iron fist rule. They go to pick up weapons from your dealer who sold it to the Fireflies, who are somewhat seen as the bad guys. When you do meet up with him, Tess kills him and you meet the Leader of the Fireflies, Marlene, who takes you to her base of operations. Because she wants to give you weapons if you smuggle something out of the city. What it is a girl named Ellie, who is immune to the infection, to a another group of Fireflies. The only reason she is having you do this because she was shot.

So the three of you head to the location however you run into a problem on your way to it. Tess gets bitten and you run into soldiers in the area that follow you into the building. Tess gives up her life to save Joel and Ellie. Then after some time you get to the city before the meet point and you get jumped. You escape with two others, one gets infected and the other kills himself. You get there and the Fireflies are no longer there, but leave where they are going. However Joel gets stabbed in the side and Ellie saves him. She stays with Joel in a house in the city.

You play as Ellie for a bit you run into the leader of a group in which you killed a lot of the members. He tracks her back to the house and kidnaps Ellie. At this point, you go back and forth playing as Ellie and Joel. Joel saves Ellie and stops her from hacking away at a dead body. They then head to meet Tommy and they find him.

Ellie runs from Joel because he was going to hand her over to Tommy. They find her and Joel and her head to find the place that the Fireflies. They find the place and Marline is there and she greets you. She tells you that how they are going to find the cure was going to kill Ellie. So Joel kills her and saves Ellie from them. He also lies to Ellie about what happened as they head to Tommy’s.

The game had it’s flaws, but it is one that you should play. It has a good story to it and I made sure to leave some things out of it so I don't give away too much. There are surprises to it. Now it has many layers to it some you have to look for them.

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