The Joys Of The Summer For A College Student

Sorry to break it to you but you are basically an adult now. Well kinda – just enough of an adult to not pretend like you are in Phineus and Ferb’s summer gang. As a real mini adult you need to be using the summer to your advantage and you have a couple of options of what to do.


If you didn’t do so hot in a class – guess what?? You can take it again! Or you can always get ahead so you can move on to be a real adult. You don’t even have to take full load of classes but every little bit helps.

2. Work Work Work

How many jobs can you squeeze into one summer vacation? If you aren’t taking any classes then fill up your time with work and make some cash. If working during the semester messes with your grades too much, think ahead and stash enough money to get you through. If you are working, then you can’t spend any money.

3. Internship

If you are an upper classman you should be looking into this for sure. If you are looking to continue your education than you are going to want some professional development on your resume and this is the time to do it. Its like a mini job that may or may not be paid. Remember that it will pay off in the future.

4. A big kid job

Depending on your degree you might be able to get an entry level job in your field. Get in with a company and make friends for when you graduate.

Basically, summer is now changed forever and you need to embrace the change. Welcome adulthood my friends!

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