Everyone has their favorite Netflix shows and we all become devastated when we finish the series. All that time you dedicated to that one show, you start to have some form of bond with it and connect to it in different ways. There is such a variety of shows and movies to pick and choose from, and they influence us all in some way, or else we wouldn’t be watching them.

We all have been hearing about the recent new series to came onto Netflix, 13 Reasons Why, and it has given a lot of people mixed emotions. It’s a very powerful TV series that came from Jay Asher's best selling novel, 13 Reasons Why. If any of you haven’t read or seen the TV series, it’s about a girl named Hannah Baker who decides to end her life but before, she made 13 tapes of 13 different reasons why she did and gave them to specific people in order. It takes you through the beginning of it all on where it all started and how things progressively got worse. Watching the show, it felt very real, almost in a way relatable.

I wanted everyone to watch this show because it means so much to me in different ways and I constantly asked everyone if they had seen it. Some people can relate to Hannah by feeling hopeless and so alone, which we all have felt from time to time, and feeling like there is no light. Seeing how it affects her and how she dealt with things and seeing her sadness was at times hard because I knew watching it, things like that really do happen, where people commit suicide. I had read the novel prior to knowing that the TV series was going to be made, and I remember reading it thinking, at the time, how awful this is and hoping they bring it to life by making a movie. I thought it would be interesting to see how far they would go and include the deep and dark parts, which some people want to try and hide and not include in certain movies. I could tell through watching the series that they didn’t want to hide anything, they showed scenes of her get sexually assaulted and her committing suicide because they thought it was important. I knew they were trying to show people a purpose and make a point for viewers watching this; that bullying and committing suicide is important and maybe it should hopefully change your perspective on things, even if its slightly.

You never truly know what some people are going through and who they are and what actually goes on in their lives. You might not know if someone is depressed or anything. Just by asking someone how their day is could change things. I think it’s important to try and be nice to everyone, because you never actually know how they are. Watching the show could potentially change someone's perspective and change how they treat people.