The Importance of Academics And Networking
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Student Life

The Importance of Academics And Networking

Be conscious of your career path!

The Importance of Academics And Networking
My Year Without Clothes Shopping

I know you've probably bored to death with all of the "how to get through college" stuff. But this stuff seriously works. To illustrate, I will use stories from just the beginning of this school year.

1. If you're confused about something, GO TO OFFICE HOURS

I know this is something that you've heard about 75 times between high school and now. But seriously, it works. A lot. Let me paint a picture for you. I'm currently in a 200 level political science class that focuses on the founding of the constitution, America, and how we have the country we have today. I have between 60-70 pages to read per WEEK so I can write an essay on it. That's just for one class. Imagine having to do that and juggle a statistics class and 2 other classes. It's stressful and time consuming. My first essay was also totally garbage. Out of a 4 point scale, I got a 1. That equates to a D. That was a wake up call. I had to get help. I went to office hours. My professor now knows my face. We have very nice conversations. And my grades have also improved. Since going to office hours, my grade on my second paper was a 3+. That's between a B+ and an A-. Go to office hours.

2. Networking.

When opportunity knocks, open the door. Seriously. If you have a career path that you want to go on and there's some kind of internship or fair or research opportunity or whatever, go after it. I just networked with a half dozen people at a law fair just tonight. Get in touch with people.

3. Relax.... if you can

All work and no play is destructive. You cannot survive college (sanely) if you don't take a break from your work for a little while. My girlfriend can tell you because she's hyper stressed. It's so bad that she has knots in her back every day. Don't get this stressed out if you can avoid it. Go for a walk. Go out with your friends. Play a game. Read a book. Do something other than schoolwork for a little bit. Of course don't let your grades suffer.

There's probably websites out there that can give you 957 other reasons to get you through undergrad. I'm just chipping in my two scents based on my decisions and mistakes. Good luck guys. Don't give up!

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