The Impact of Art on Humanities
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The Impact of Art on Humanities

Johnny Serafino - HUM 1020

The Parthenon in Athens -  Euclid

As stated in the text, simply put, art enhances life. Its significance stems from the creators' need to imitate their internal perspective of reality. Art has a way of bringing people together as its true value is found by being viewed with an open mind. This, in turn, reflects the way we view the world because finding the beauty in life is what ultimately makes humanity prevail. Art is more than just a painting on a canvas; It's erected sculptures, aesthetically pleasing buildings, and the entire world around us.

"The treasure of art, however, is that its reality lives on after its subjects die" - Richard Paul Janaro

Artists live for a single lifetime, but their work remains forever to awe-strike a new generation of people. This trend repeated for millions of years until life imitated art. This reigns true because art can be found in absolutely everything around us. Art allows one to develop a deeper connection with the world and find the true beauty within.

"Euclid's law states that the most pleasing relationship between two connecting sections is such that the smaller is to the larger what the larger is to the sum of the two" - Richard Paul Janaro

Art was huge in the early European centuries. Greek artist Euclid held an immense amount of talent as he could point a stick in a single direction and imagine how far apart columns needed to be for the Parthenon of Athens, one of his most famous works.

"Artists such as Donatello, Fra Angelico, and Botticelli in Italy, and Van Eyck, Diirer, and Hans Holbein in the north, brought sensuality and realism to their art that had not been seen in many years" -Richard Paul Janaro

There have been multiple different eras of art in the past that each served a particular significance. The Renaissance is one of the most impactful eras as it was the rebirth of realism in art. Renaissance art illuminated the world in ways that were lacking for centuries.

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