The Sims 4 is not a terribly entertaining game, but it is the perfect one to help you escape existential crises. (it may also cause more existential crises, it kind of depends on your capacity for critical thought) For idiots, like me, it’s the perfect tool to hoist me out of the depressive pits I tend to find myself. So, I thought I would compile a list of fun activities to do in the Sims that won’t at all remind a player of the emptiness in their life.

As opposed to reading an actual novel and gaining insight about your life you can make your Sim read a book and get the satisfaction that they will finish the book in under five minutes. If you’re not the most astute your imaginary character created in a video game, make you feel like you finally get the joke that is your life!

Giving a Sim the order to practice at any task is a riot. Just like watching a leaf dance in the wind, a player watches as their Sim basically moves in four repeated positions until the action is stopped. The reward of watching a simulation reach level three in a writing skill surely trumps any feeling of triumph one would feel from receiving actual accolades from an actual person on a work that an actual human being completed.

All this and more are the best aspects of the Sims 4!