To The People You Only Find At College

To The People You Only Find At College

"Thank you for making me feel like I'm worthy when I don't."

Allura Laubert

So far, college has been hard work. From the late night studying to the stress of having money for books, but it has also been the greatest experience of my life.

I can honestly say I'm a completely different person now compared to six months ago. I'm still nervous around people, but the confidence I have in myself is stronger than it has ever been. I've also learned about the differences between people, but the similarities that are still deeply embedded. All of this has been thank to ten of the greatest people I know.

My first day on campus was rough for me. I was thrust into a new world and was nervous about making a good group of friends. However, That first day was a blessing once it was over. Thanks to my roommates I had met over the summer I was able to join a group of diverse and kind people. I was quiet for a long time, and noticeably awkward, but one day I just fit and I'm so thankful for that.

Back in high school, I had four friends that I'm thankful for, but I have never been a part of anything quite like this. I never have to worry about being alone, or not having anyone to talk to because the few friends I had lived too far from me, or they are busy. Now I have people that I can walk to or call over at almost any moment.

My group is also full of very different people that just seem to mix well. There are constantly jokes being told, or little amounts of fabricated drama (everyone just plays, our drama isn't actually real). Despite the fact we seem like we can never take anything seriously, we also have very deep conversations. Each one of us is able to talk about politics, mental health, and relationships. It's beautiful to see the fact that a group of such different people is able to come together and make points without always agreeing.

The biggest thing about my group is that we can always count on each other. There is never a moment that you won't have someone not worrying about you, or ready to pull you out of a situation. Even those that we don't see often or live further away would come to the University in a blink of an eye if they ever thought one of us needed them.

So to my squad, thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for making me feel like I'm worthy when I don't. Thank you for making some of my anxieties go away. And thank you for being yourselves in a world where everyone is the same.

You guys are one of my greatest blessings, and I love all of you.

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