To The Girl Who Didn't Rush This Year
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To The Girl Who Didn't Rush This Year

I promise you didn't have to

To The Girl Who Didn't Rush This Year
Becca Tapert, Unsplash

It's your first year of college and as you are unpacking your things into your new dorm, your roommate walks in.

You let out a shriek and give her a big hug, and continue to unpack as she tells you all about how she is so excited to finally join a sorority. You reply with how happy you are for her.

Yet, when she leaves the dorm to go have dinner with her picture perfect family, you look in the mirror and tell yourself that you could never be one of them.

You know the girls I'm talking about.

The ones with blonde hair and the perfectly tan skin.

The girls who have the bright white, perfectly lined teeth with their dad's money in their pockets.

Their Instagram always looks aesthetically pleasing, and somehow they always find the hottest boys to be with.

Then there is you.

The girl who would rather be front row for her favorite local pop-punk band than go to a lame frat party with guys who want nothing more than to be inside her.

The girl who chooses the black Sk8-Hi vans over white high-top Chuck Taylor converse.

The girl who's best friend is probably a guy because girls are just too much drama.

And then rush week comes around and you see every girl in the Memorial Union with a face full of makeup and the most fashionable outfit in their closet.

You walk past them wearing workout shorts and a shirt that reads "I woke up like this" because you seriously do not care if the world sees you without makeup anymore since ya know, college.

But then you get back to your dorm and wonder why you aren't all dolled up looking for a home with dozens of females to call 'sisters' for the next four years.

Why aren't you fake laughing to shitty jokes so that the president of Delta Sigma Whatever will think you're perfect for her sorority?

Let me tell you why you should be thankful you dedicated this year to yourself and not to the Greek life.

It's only week one and your roommate has already attended three frat parties, two flag football games, a sorority dinner and got into a fight with one of her sisters. She is out $750 for the semester fee to be in a new home where you must always smile big and look the part of the plastics.

What a shame you didn't join, right?

Instead, you get to stay home on the nights you don't want to go out and you won't be penalized for doing so. You can save your money to buy the new bright yellow vans that make you feel happier than any sorority gathering could ever. You get the opportunity to create who you want to be instead of fitting into a mold that already exists.

Trust me, girl, I know their Snapchat stories always look so much fun.

And that picture on Instagram got more likes than you might ever receive. Yet if you removed the camera from their palms I bet you their life would not seem as glamorous.

The bottom line is, you don't need to feel bad about yourself for not joining a group of girls who all pay to have friends that look just like them. I promise you, there is not a god damn thing wrong with not being them and just being you.

To the girl who didn't join a sorority, me too.

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