My friends had been talking about the show for months, and I had always been meaning to watch it, I just couldn't find it on Netflix. Turns out, it was on Amazon Prime the whole time. As I sat down to watch British television show Downton Abbey I didn't know the five stages I was about to go through for the next six days.

Here are the five stages of watching Downton Abbey from someone who watched the entire series in six days.

1. Happiness

The British really know how to set a plot line. When you start you fall in love with the characters. Sure, Mary seems to be a bit cold hearted, but the love that Cora shows is simply amazing.

2. Oh just kiss him already!

As Mary and Matthew begin to drift apart, and after what O'Brian does to Cora and you want to murder her, you start to see the relationships forming. Cybil and Branson, Anna and Bates, Carson and Mrs. Hughes, and yes, Mary and Matthew. You find yourself screaming "Just kiss him already!" more than you ever want to admit.

3. Are you trying to kill me?!

No doubt seasons two and three and the most heart wrenching and horrid things on the face of the planet earth. Tragedy after tragedy. Heartbreak after heartbreak. And don't even get me started on season three episode five.....You honestly believe that the show is going to break your heart and cause you to die. And you aren't even halfway through the series yet.

4. Dammit Robert!

Robert makes a lot of mistakes. A LOT. I found myself resenting him for most of seasons four and five. If you aren't telling him what an idiot he is you are threatening to show up in Downton yourself to show him how awful of a person he is. And to tell him that if he hurts your beloved Cora one more time that he might as well kiss his life goodbye.

5. It's about damn time they had a happy ending.

While this show has a lot of heartbreak, the end is just about perfect. Everyone ends up happy. After the emotional turmoil you have just experienced you find yourself relieved that not only they had a happy ending, but you did too.

If for some reason you haven't watched this wonderful and amazing roller coaster, 10/10 I would recommend. First, because it is simply amazing. But mostly because Maggie Smith is a queen and her sass is 100% on point all the time.