The Fear of Growth As Told By Every College Student To Exist

It's interesting to understand the fact that although we are in college, growth is still occurring due to the next steps in our lives. The second we think about what we are doing after is when fear is created immediately in our minds and around others. We submit ourselves to new expectations of our future realities in order to cope with the idea of growing up. When we see people grow around us who have similar interests, the comparisons begin which could be extremely unhealthy. It's crucial to begin to allow yourself to have your own path and to not follow another's due to the stress of comparison that society allows us to feel. We can't necessarily control those feelings or anxieties that come with growing up, yet we need to allow ourselves to feel everything in order to grow. In this generation, we are so scared to fully feel our emotions due to the results of what could happen if we let ourselves become open to the world.

We are still so young and there are so many experiences that we haven't lived yet which can change anyone's path, every path has it's own finish line and always will. No one ever said that life was easy, and no one talks about how difficult it is because we attempt to seek optimism in a world with so much negativity. The world is competitive and each professional industry has it's own title and backstory which creates so much heat in such a great universe that has made so many people happy. We need to do whatever we can to lessen that pressure and keep each other alive with happiness and optimism for future generations. The more that we encourage our best qualities on ourselves and others, the more positive our outcomes will be. Even simply putting the great things in the world that you want to receive back could work absolute wonders.

"You'll never know unless you try", I was told from a young age and truly didn't understand that quote until my older years of being a millennial. I put myself into multiple experiences that would freak me out in the early years, yet I would never see a future unless I allowed those things to happen. Every day I do my best to seek future experiences that will take me out of my comfort zone and allow for more exploration to occur. The more that we scavenge for our happiness and live in the moment, the better or outcomes will be and the world will give us that happiness back. This goes beyond beliefs and into our own minds and bodies to the point in which we can create the lives we want based on how we choose to live. The more that we listen to our guts and do whatever makes us happy at the moment, the easier it'll be to know what happy looks like.

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