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Last week I went to see 'The Favourite' in theaters. With a captivating story, outstanding details, and an all-star cast, this movie delivered on every level. Going into the theater, I already knew this film would be a game changer as director, Yiorgos Lanthimos has written and directed some of the most thought-provoking movies of the past couple of years. While many of his films are set in alternate universes, and dystopian societies of the future, this film was set in early 18th century England and is still as relevant as ever. 'The Favorite' showed how animalistic humans can become when jealousy overcomes them and I applaud the screenplay writers for developing complex characters, based off of real historical figures, that go to the most outlandish extents to become the queen's favorite. This simple plotline makes plenty of room for chaos to ensue.

I am not one to comment on the cinematography of a film unless it is incredibly spectacular or unique, but 'The Favourite' used so many strategic elements to bring this story to life. The film's use of a fisheye lens embellished the large rooms, making them appear even larger. Even if you aren't one to pay attention to the way a film is shot, the use of this lens was a smart and interesting way to shoot a scene that is not used enough in movies. In addition to interesting shooting techniques, this movie is shot in 35mm which plays to its own advantage in making the whole look of the film appear to be softer and more natural, juxtaposing with the dark, edgy story that infiltrates its way through the filming techniques. If you weren't already interested in the cinematography of a film, this movie could make you fall in love with the technical aspects of visual storytelling.

Technicalities aside, this film would not be as impressive as it was without the featured acting. All three of the actresses that played the main characters have an impressive track record and this movie will only add to their list of outstanding performances. Rachel Weisz plays the character of Sarah Churchill, a woman who cares for the queen and teaches tough love. Her cousin Abigail, played by Emma Stone, is a complex character who comes off as a sweet ingenue but, undergoes an extreme character development by the end of the film. However, I believe the most powerhouse performance in this film was Olivia Colman as Queen Anne. Idiosyncratic, sadistic, and onwry, this characterization of Queen Anne demands a believable actress, to make all of the Queen's antics and requests seem like they were a part of history itself. Olivia Colman went above and beyond to deliver one of the most impressive performances of the year. Having already won best actress at the Golden Globes, I am sure this wasn't the last time Olivia Colman's name will be in an envelope this year. After seeing this twisted masterpiece in theaters, I am convinced that it will be a strong contender for awards season and I cannot wait to see how this film stands against its other contenders. Happy awards season and make sure to see 'The Favourite' in theaters, you will not be sorry.

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