The End of Another Year
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The End of Another Year

It's about to be 2018.

The End of Another Year

It’s about to be 2018.

That’s a crazy thought that’s still settling in. Christmas is here, and in just under a week, New Years Day will be here as well. 2017 is coming to a close, yet it feels like it’s still 2010.

It’s been a year just like any other. It’s filled with the same number of days (we’ll ignore leap years), same number of hours, same number of seconds. It feels like any other year, but just like any other year, it’s incredibly different.

So many changes in life, yet I only notice those changes when I take the time to reflect on it all. Going through the motions of life, it feels as if nothing has changed. But intentionally reflecting on life is when I notice how different it all is.

Of course, this isn’t any surprise. Life moves forward and time moves forward regardless of us acknowledging any of it.

I wish it wouldn’t take the end of the year for me to start reflecting on it all. So much of life seems to just pass by without me fully appreciating any of it. It goes by like a blur. Maybe that’s why I find it so shocking that it’s already going to be 2018.

2017 may have passed by me in a blur, but I won’t let 2018 do the same. Here’s to a new year that will actually be the year it’s supposed to be. Here’s to being in the moment during all of life’s changes. Here’s to 2018 with whatever it may have in store.

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