The Driver Era Continues Their Success Releasing 'Low'
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The Driver Era Continues Their Musical Success With The Release of 'Low'

Our third single we've heard from the group!


To complete a trio of new releases from an emerging alternative duo, The Driver Era's "Low", released October 26th, proves to be another smash hit for the charts. After the release of their first singles "Preacher Man" and "Afterglow" earlier this year, the feedback they have continued to receive regarding "Low" has been nothing short of kind, promising words.

Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch formed TDE after a seven-year run in a previous group, R5, consisting of themselves, two siblings, and a close friend. Though many fans were upset to hear of the split, Ross and Rocky's new project has successfully attracted various listeners, old and new, as well as several entertainment/news publications. Their publicity continues to boom with various stations promoting their music left and right, encouraging listeners to immerse themselves in the upbeat, distinctive sounds from the pair.

What separates "Low" from its predecessors is the use of Rocky's voice for the lead vocals. Ross has typically received a greater amount of recognition due to his background with acting in various TV shows and movies, and as one of the frontmen for R5. By nature, Ross would step up and resume his role as lead vocalist.

However, Rocky has taken the opportunity to showcase his vocal and instrumental talent through the makeup of the track and stepping forward to express feelings of sentiment and nostalgia in musical form. Produced and written by Rocky alone, "Low" serves as a laidback, enthralling track, similar to the styles of "Afterglow."

The various mindsets and emotions experienced by Rocky in process of creating the single contributed to its success. The track's origins, stemming from a "low" place at the time of its composition, conclude with Rocky in a higher frame of mind, making for an engaging story behind the creative beats and infectious lyrics we hear.

Overall, this single gets two thumbs up from me and is a perfect addition to my playlist. Make sure to stream "Low" on Spotify today!

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