The Darkness: A Poem
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The Darkness: A Poem

But it's in those moments of inconsistency that you realize the magnitude of your own strength.

The Darkness: A Poem

Inside the darkness it's easy to lose yourself,

To escape into the labyrinth within your mind.

But it's after you enter the maze that you realize you don't know the way out.

And that fear from all your past mistakes come creeping in,

Like a ghost whispering hopeless thoughts into your ears.

And the silence becomes louder than you thought it could.

You feel it crushing you, consuming you, until it becomes you.

And it burns like a wildfire hidden deep inside a forest,

But at the same time feels bitingly cold like the winter air.

And you can't release the pressure from your chest,

But then inhale, exhale, inhale; consistency,

The way so many people like it.

But it's in those moments of inconsistency that you realize the magnitude of your own strength,

That strength that's keeping that heart of yours beating until the very moment you cease to exist.

And it's in those dark periods of time in which time stretches on and on,

That you learn to appreciate the power of a candle being lit, a match being struck, a switch being flicked, and a spark being ignited.

Remember everyone loses themselves in the darkness,

But the easiest way to get out is to become that spark and ignite yourself.

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