The Dark and Light Side to The Last Jedi

The Dark and Light Side to The Last Jedi

A Review of the Latest Edition to the Star Wars Franchise! *WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*

As most of you know, this past weekend Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered in theaters. Whether you are a longtime fan or only just started your dive into the universe, Star Wars is a home stay with lovable characters and stories that will last centuries. Whether or not you've seen it, you've probably heard a lot about the film and its reception by the audiences. I personally saw it in theaters this past Saturday with my boyfriend, his sister and brother-in-law, and I'm going to give you my take on this latest installment into the franchise. Warning MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Dark Side

Okay, so I'm going to start with what I didn't like about the movie. Firstly was how they killed off Snoke before the trilogy was complete. They didn't explain who he was in The Force Awakens, or why he became part of The First Order. I would have liked to have more backstory on his character to understand his motivations for choosing the dark side. However, I feel like Snoke did have to die at some point so that Kylo Ren could take over as the main antagonist of the trilogy.

Secondly, was that they again built Captain Phasma up to be this big character and only gave her screen time in the last half of the movie. They definitely gave her more to do this time around, but I'd love to see her come back with a vengeance in Episode 9. Even though it is heavily implied that she might have died as a result of her battle with Finn, I would not be surprised if that wasn't enough to kill her. She has an indomitable spirit that is unrivaled by many.

Lastly was that they introduced us to Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo...and then they killed her! I feel like they could have elaborated more on her relationship with Leia and their backstory and how she came to be a part of the resistance. I genuinely felt like she was just trying to do the right thing the whole time, and they rewarded her by killing her.

The Light Side

Now that we've gone through the bad, on to the good. Firstly, I really liked the humor they put into the movie to diffuse the tension from the more intense scenes. Chewbacca being shamed by the Porgs for wanting to eat them was hilarious. It was also really funny when Yoda summoned a lightning bolt to burn the ancient Jedi tree and texts. You also can't tell me General Leia smacking Poe across the face wasn't hilarious. Or Kylo Ren directing all that fire at Luke only for him to escape unscathed.

Secondly, I liked that they explained Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo's backstory, and what led him to the dark side. This also lends itself to why he could never change to the good for Rey. However, there were moments when his good nature does show through and you wonder if he could be changed for the better. I feel like much like Anakin, Ben has to find his own way in the force, and has to come to terms with why his master betrayed him.

Thirdly, the force is still alive and well, and there will likely be more Jedi, but not in the traditional sense of how the Jedi were before the Clone Wars. I feel like Luke made certain that the Jedi would be forever changed in the way he trained Rey to use the force. Episode 8 implies this through slight hints such as Leia using the force to return to the ship after the bridge gets a hole blown in it, or at the end when the stable boy grabs the broom using the force.

Lastly, there are many possible directions they can take Episode 9, and I'm super excited to see what direction they will take the surviving characters next. Battles, romance, self discovery, and redemption can all be built upon in the next movie leaving plenty of room to toy around with different plot lines.

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