Waking up to the smell of coffee each morning is what led me in falling in love with coffee. I started to drink coffee when I was in high school and it only started out as a morning habit, but then led into something that I cannot live without...literally. There are people who are coffee drinkers, people who enjoy coffee and then coffee addicts, like myself. If you're in my shoes, then you would understand the daily struggles and thoughts one has to go through due to this addiction.

1. The First Sip of Coffee.

That first sip of coffee in the morning, or when you're having a mid-day crash, is an indescribable feeling. Once you have that first sip, you already feel alive. After that one sip, you are ready to take on anything.

2. Not Getting The First Cup In The Morning.

Nothing is better than the first cup of coffee and if you do not get the first cup, the whole day is ruined. If you're up before me, you better make coffee and let me take my coffee before you do...thanks:)

3. Your Bank Account Is Filled With $2 Charges.

Your parents question you why your debit card statement shows a $2 charge at Dunkin' every day. Who carries cash now a days and you need coffee...so you hand over your debit card with no shame.

4. Please Do Not Talk To Me Until I Had My Coffee.

Why don't people understand that you will bite their head off if you haven't had coffee yet? You allow people to start talking to you only when your halfway done with your coffee. Without coffee in the morning, you cannot focus, let alone have a conversation and be nice.

5. Having Friends Who Don't Drink Coffee.

You are shocked when some of your best friends do not like coffee or just simply don't drink it. What is going on in their heads? You insist that they need to taste it. Also, when your at their house, they don't have any coffee to offer you and you need to change that.

6. When You Don't Have Coffee Until Noon.

Either you were out and could not make coffee or the place you stayed over didn't have coffee, so when noon comes around, you sadly don't have any coffee in your system. This is the worst feeling and all you can think about is how good coffee tastes and how sad life is without it.

7. Caramel Iced Coffee Isn't Really "Real" Coffee.

You have this belief that if someone does not like regular brewed coffee, they aren't really a coffee addict. It's basically filled with this fake flavoring to cover up the real taste of coffee.

8. You Know Your Coffee Order By Heart.

Medium hot coffee with milk and sugar please. Sometimes you say that order when you are ordering food by mistake.

9. Everyone Knows Your Favorite Christmas Gift Is Coffee With A Mug.

You can get this present every year, and still be super excited about it. You can always use more coffee, and is there ever a limit to the amount of mugs you own?

10. You Are Very Possessive Over Your Mug.

You get really mad if someone in your family or a friend uses your mug. "This is my mug and nobody else can drink out of it!"

11. There Is No Such Thing As "Too Late" For Coffee.

No matter how many people tell you that you need to slow down and not drink coffee so late, you won't listen. Coffee never really affects you anymore at night because your body is so immune to it. Midnight coffee run...I think yes.

12. Getting the Shakes.

Everyone has reached that limit when they drank way too much coffee. This results in getting the shakes and becoming very jittery. I honestly don't mind the feeling because during that moment, I needed all the caffeine I can get.

13. Big Mug Please.

Please only give me a huge coffee mug, I will not accept little tea cups. Even soup bowls are okay, because the more the coffee the happier I will be:)

14. Coffee Makes You Feel Powerful.

After you wake up and have that big mug of coffee, you are ready to take on just about anything.

15. You Dream of Coffee and Its Taste.

After a long and stressful day, all you want to do is sit back and enjoy that cup of coffee. I mean, I actually daydream about drinking coffee when I am falling asleep during the day.