The College Summer

The College Summer

Growing up, summer used to be the most relaxing time. Hanging out with friends by the pool, taking spontaneous beach trips, and going on vacation with the family. Since being in college, summer is no longer this way for a variety of reasons.


1. An Internship

Most college students have internships over the summer. Monday through Friday everyone is working, no time for fun.

2. Jobs

Even though internships are considered work, some people, like myself, have to also work in order to save up money for school.

3. Missing College Friends

In high school, all your friends are from the same area as you whether it is from your town or surrounding towns. It was easy to make plans. Now in college, you have friends from different states. Trying to make plans is harder and has to be done in advance due to everyones busy schedules.

4. Nothing is Spontaneous

Everyone in the summer has such different schedules, making it hard to make plans last minute. Therefore, again things to be planned in advance.

5. No Longer Relaxing

Summer used to be all fun and games but now its about work and gaining experience and thinking about the future.

This article may make it seem as though summer is not fun. Summer is a great time of the year, the stress with classes is off your shoulders for a short while, the weather is nice, you get to see all your friends at home, and get to spend time with your family. Summer is completely different now and it a part of growing up.

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