Normally from movies that I am extremely excited for, I get nervous that they won't live up to my expectations. I never got this feeling before I watched "Black Panther." I have been waiting for this movie since about the second "Iron Man" movie (and I'm still waiting on a "Black Widow" movie), knowing that when it was made, it would be made well. And it was made well: the plot, the set, the characters. This movie was incredible for so many reasons, and I am so glad I got to see it. Here is why:

1. Shuri

Honestly, Shuri, played by Letitia Wright, could be listed as at least the top three reasons the content in this movie is so amazing. She has some of the best one-liners, is incredibly intelligent (and has amazing inventions to prove it), is stunning in any outfit she wears, and is an all-around badass.

She was easily my favorite part of the movie and is an extremely well-written character.

2. The Design of Wakanda

Wakanda, seen by the rest of the Marvel world as an extremely poor African country, is a thriving, advanced technological society and home to the mystically powerful vibranium. While fictional, this country gives a different look to Africa, which is traditionally seen as underdeveloped and basic in most media.

The set designers and costume designers should be proud. They represented the African and technological sides of the culture so beautifully through both the fashion and city design.

3. The Diversity

Directed by Ryan Coogler, "Black Panther" shattered so many records, including the top-grossing film by a black director. Not only was "Black Panther" directed by a black man, but it also includes a mostly black cast which "raises a defiant, razor-clawed middle finger to the ridiculous Hollywood notion that actors and directors of color are less bankable than their white male counterparts," according to Bryan Rolli at Forbes Magazine.

"Black Panther" celebrates black culture and paints a world where women are powerful warriors, spies, and inventors. The movie also includes a Kendrick-Lamar soundtrack which features many other black artists.

4. The Villain

Without spoiling anything, Killmonger is an incredibly complex villain, which makes any movie so much better. His emotions are so raw and relatable and they are enhanced by Michael B. Jordan's performance. The character's background is interesting and better than what I was expecting.

He is a total badass with amazing hair, and he brings change to our hero, King T'challa: The Black Panther (played by Chadwick Boseman), through his ideologies, which is an impressive feat for a villain.

5. Global Responsibility

A theme throughout the movie is the global responsibility that countries have to citizens of the world, not just their own people. Given the increasing connections we have to people across the globe because of technology and the issues going on about immigration and refugees, it is an important topic that I have not seen many non-news media outlets touch on.

This movie makes at least some of the audience contemplate actions their country is taking (and hopefully want to do something about it), and that's a step in the right direction in making a peaceful, co-existing society for everyone of all nations.

There were so many more amazing things about this movie that I did not list. It's most definitely worth the money to go see, maybe even more than once!