The benefits of virtual life!
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The benefits of virtual life!

Trying to find the bright side of life through Zoom!

The benefits of virtual life!

"The future is virtual", a phrase that we all have been hearing for years now: ordering take-out? You can find that online. Purchasing clothes? Yeah we do that online. Making a reservation at a restaurant? Oh there are multiple apps for that. In the blink of an eye, due to a worldwide pandemic, our whole lives turned virtual and it doesn't seem like we will be returning to normal any time soon. After half of a virtual college semester, and a whole summer of a virtual internship, I have learned to enjoy some things about this new, and hopefully temporary, virtual life!

No Commute

Sometimes the walk to class or the drive to my internship was daunting. Having to factor in time to not only get dressed and look presentable for the day but to actually get to the work or class added a whole extra layer of time and stress!

Sleeping in

Since the commute is no longer a factor, it is easier to hit snooze on your alarm and still make it to class or work on time!

Comfy Clothes

Of course it is important to still look presentable on video calls, however it is perfectly acceptable to have a nice shirt on with leggings or sweatpants. You can be comfortable but totally look put together!

Eating at Home

When you're running to and from meetings or between classes often the only food options are granola bars that are thrown in your backpack or cold leftovers. Now, with easy access to the kitchen you can whip up something delicious between calls!

Spending more time with Family and Friends

Over the summer it was great to be working side by side with my Mom while she was working remotely! Despite working two completely different jobs we could still eat lunch together and share the dining room table as our office! Similarly this semester at school I am able to spend more time with my friends and roommates who are different majors, now we are able to zoom into our different classes together!

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