The Haunting Beauty of Vulture Culture
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The Haunting Beauty of Vulture Culture

There is beauty in life after death

The Haunting Beauty of Vulture Culture
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Ah, sweet death. The mysterious, the hauntingly, and the ghastly. There is a certain repulsion and allure when it comes to death. Sometimes it spikes fear, sometimes it conjures curiosity. Yet, one thing is for certain.

There is no way to avoid death. It is the polarity of life, and thus a simple fact we all must face.

What's on the other side? Who's to say and who's to know. Yet one day, we will.

Vulture Culture is a subculture where people are fascinated, collect, and indulge in the commodities of death. These commodities can be skulls, skeletons, taxidermy, and other artifacts of corpses.

Instead of fearing death, The beauty of Vulture Culture Is finding fascinating with the aftermath. The decay, the rancid rotting, and the decomposition all have its certain charm. Well, a charm if you're not afraid of it.

I have a special interest in bones, particularly skulls. I have three I've acquired from various places like art galleries, expos, and yard sales. Whenever I go hiking and exploring, I always keep an eye out for skeletons and skulls. It's one of my hobbies, and it's an acquired taste.

All it took was one painted skull from an art gallery and I was hooked. I don't buy skulls often but I love finding them. I have yet to retrieve one from the wild myself, although I have made that a goal of mine.

How does one get involved with Vulture Culture?

It's different for everyone, but admiring and respecting death is one way to get involved. Remember, it's vital to respect death. Especially if you engage in these practices.

When you acquired the remains of any creature, remember to treat them with respect and kindness. The spirit that may be attached to them will appreciate it. If you can maintain a healthy and beneficial relationship with the spirit of the creatures, you'll have a swell time in Vulture Culture.

Vulture Culture is a splendid hobby and lifestyle. It's not for everyone but it can be rewarding.

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