The Art of Finding Balance
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The Art of Finding Balance

Sometimes, it is hard to section your life out into manageable pieces. Here's a little story that might help you.

The Art of Finding Balance

Once upon a time, there was a woman. Gathering wheat in the fields, she would pick the grains piece by piece and send them through the mill. As she would mill each piece, she checked the levels on the side to attain the perfect amount. With the wheat being the food source for her family and farm, she depended on it to live; however, though she was dependent on it, every once in a while, the wheat would not germinate. With drought season in tow, she watered the fields to prepare for it. For hours upon hours, you could see her standing there pacing the lines of wheat as if instant water supply would last forever; however, as drought season hit, the expected happened: the wheat did not germinate. On her hands and knees, she knelt down and wailed, for she did not know what to do without it, it was her life.

The Story

As life is dependent on many factors, it is easy to just focus on the major ones. Whether it is wheat or all the homework you have to complete, certain things control our minds and place stress upon us. Just as the woman in the story placed major power on one factor in her life, we do the same and it pays a toll on us. Therefore, as the woman was missing this trait, we must implement balance into our lives. It is known the college is stressful and offer up many new challenges everyday, but it does not make it unmanageable. Sit down for a few seconds and think:

"Is this worthy of my stress right now."

The "Woman"

As you are the protagonist in your life, it is important to process your ideas. As I can imagine, your head is probably running with thoughts on what to complete and how to do it all in the allotted time. Now slow down, like the story, panic will not solve your problems. Take a minute, sit down, and do some deep breaths. Then, answer these questions:

"What calls for urgency currently?"

"Which of these will consume more time?"

"How can I schedule these to best fit my time?"

With all of these questions in mind, you should be able to plan for the days doings.To some, that may sound little and guess what, it is. When you start with the little things, you will learn that the satisfaction of completing the small stuff stumps stressing over the big stuff.

The Wheat

In life, there are things we are all dependent on. Money, scholarships, class scheduling, work, all of it plays a role in the ways we complete things. Just as the woman depended on the wheat, we rely on these factors to keep us alive; however, though a low supply of these can be stressful, it is possible to be content and aware at the same time. Ask yourself:

"How much do I have right now?"

"What is necessary at the moment? And what is a mere convenience?"

"How can I change my ways to benefit my needs and life?"

Questions like these help you process the value of what you have and the way it's spent. As tactics like these can help you stretch a few dollars or even some time, it is important that change is a thought as it is of great benefit.

The Germination and Rain

In life, you get gold and sometimes, you obtain coal. Though coal is not pleasing to the eye, there is much hidden inside that you can take from it. Just as the woman prayed to her demise that the wheat would germinate, the wanted results may not always be handed to you, but sulking and giving up is not a solution. As the woman knelt and wailed, resolution didn't occur. This, being a theme in life, reflects that as you face problems, you must intend to solve them with a strong approach. Ask yourself:

"What did I do to get into this?"

"What changes can I make to improve the situation?"

"What routes are there to gain back what I had?"

"How can I remain grateful and positive within this time of difficulty?"

It may be hard to inquire within yourself, no one likes to do it; however, in order to solve your problems, it must be done. As self-development is the key to understanding and growth, looking within can provide you with the resolution that cannot be found elsewhere.

As everyone continues on their paths, it is important to be aware that the little things will not be major. If you believe and put work into growing for yourself, balance and happiness will be obtained. It is a process, one that could take years; however, as most of the best things come with time, just wait. Balance will come to you as you work for it.

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