We all know that June, July, and August are the prime vacation months. It is the perfect time of the year to take a trip with the family or have a romantic getaway with your significant other because school is no longer in session; the spring semester of college is finally over, and you need to use those vacation days before you lose them. Vacation is something that we all look forward to, but each vacation differs from family to family and person to person. Vacation can mean taking a trip to the beach, or it could mean taking a road trip across the nation. To some, vacation could mean flying to a different country, or it could mean cruising across the ocean. For others, vacation could include a trip to Disney World or a trip to Universal Studios. For one person, vacation could be spending a week at a rodeo or camping in the mountains. A different person might consider a weekend fishing trip to be a vacation. Every person has a different idea as to what the ideal vacation is, and I am not here to argue against that. My point for this article, though, is to urge everyone to actually take a vacation, while on vacation!

It is important to actually take the time to relax while on vacation. I understand that while you are at the beach, you will want to find as many neat seashells as you possibly can, and when you are at an amusement park you will want to visit every single attraction, but it is also important to just sit and relax. How many times have you gone on a vacation, and then once you got home you realized that you needed another vacation so that you could finally relax? My guess is every single time, or if not, too many times! So next time you go on a vacation, I challenge you to schedule some time every day to just sit down and relax. Vacations are meant to be relaxing, refreshing, and fun! Go mini-golfing, snorkeling, hiking, or whatever else you want to do, but also take some time to just sit and relax. Use this time to read a new book, process your day/vacation so far, or just take a nap. I promise you that if you schedule enough time to actually “vacation” on your vacation, you will return home refreshed and not in need of another vacation in order to feel relaxed. Do not skip all of the fun and must-do activities, but definitely schedule yourself some time to actually relax. You will not regret it!