The ABCs Of Halloween Costumes

The ABCs Of Halloween Costumes

Name one person who doesn't love Halloween and the alphabet, I dare you.


I love getting dressed up more than anything in the entire world, so Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Through dedication and hard work, here is an alphabetized list of Halloween costumes because why not!

A is for Alien

B is for Barbie

C is for Cat

D is for Dorothy

E is for Eleven from "Stranger Things"

F is for Festival Girl

G is for Guy Fieri

H is for Harley Davidson biker gang

I is for Ice queen

J is for Jasmine the princess

K is for the Kardashians

L is for Lion

M is for Miley Cyrus

N is for Nerd

O is for Olaf

P is for Purge

Q is for Queen of Hearts

R is for Rabbit

S is for Spiderman

T is for Tigger

U is for Unicorn

V is for Vampire

W is for Witch

X is for X-ray (skeleton)

Y is for Yoda

Z is for Zebra

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