Jersey Girls- The 5 Best Beaches On the Jersey Shore.

Jersey Girls- The 5 Best Beaches On The Jersey Shore

Wondering what beaches to go to on the Jersey shore? Here are 5 of the best beaches I could think of!

So today I am going to the beach with my friends. After a discussion of what beaches we all enjoy, we came up with this list of the best beaches that we think are the best on the Jersey Shore. So if you are looking for a new beach to go to, check out this list!

1. Asbury park. 

When I was younger, Asbury park was always a spot that you avoided on the Jersey Shore. It had a known stigma of being a bad neighborhood with a run down beach town. Therefore, when I went a few years ago, I was surprised to see how they were able to turn it around. The beach town is now super cute and inside the old movie theatre are a lot of cute places to eat and shop. You should definitely check it out if you have never been.

2. Long branch. 

Long Branch beach has been one of my favorite beaches for a long time. It is one of the first beaches when driving south,and therefore Is very convienent to get to when from north Jersey. It also has very good places to shop, eat, and drink.

3 Point pleasent.

Point Pleasent has one of my favorite board walks. Unlike other boardwalks, point pleasent’s has carnival games and rides. Although it costs extra money, it is well worth it to go on the fun rides. I reccomend the obstacle course that goes over the boardwalk.

4. Ocean Grove. 

Ocean grove has a beautiful beach town, with classic houses. The beach is very clean too which is hard to find these days. Also, this beach has the best ice cream places. I reccomend Nagles Apothecary Cafe.

5. Manesquan. 

Manesquan beach is a smaller beach town. It has so many cute restaurants to go to while there. When you go in the water, you will also find a surprise. There are rocks that you can walk on and jump from one to the next without getting wet. You can also sign your name on the rocks so that everyone knows you were there.

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