The 13 Stages Of Working Out For Beginners
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The 13 Stages Of Working Out For Beginners


The 13 Stages Of Working Out For Beginners

In your mind, working out seems like a piece of cake... Not literally (you wish), but you know what I mean. Once the idea of exercising gets prompted in your head, it becomes hard to shake. However, the initial excitement starts dwindling away once you step foot in the gym. Working out is not easy for everyone, and I think we can all agree that we've been through the beginner blues at one point in our lives. Listed below are the 13 stages of working out that we have all sadly been through before.

1. "Wow. I'm so motivated I'm going to make working out easy."

The initial thoughts before working out are always fairly positive. You see no obstacles in your way of a summer-ready body and figure this will be easy.

2. The feeling of everyone staring at you.

You start thinking to yourself that everyone knows that it's your first time back in a while. They know you don't belong.

3. Being sore.

You wake up the next morning, feeling refreshed and alive. All of a sudden you move your legs and almost feel paralyzed. Getting out of bed is hard enough, but nothing beats walking down a tall flight of stairs.

4. The constant battle of eating healthier.

Mmmm, pizza sounds good for dinner—or maybe a cheeseburger or Chinese food! You get up and fetch a to-go menu only to realize that your legs still feel like rubber. And for some reason, the only "healthy" food you can think of on the spot is a salad. You surrender and eat a salad—but you don't enjoy it.

5. Midnight starvation.

So you listened to your brain (not your stomach) and decided to eat a light, healthy dinner, but now you're paying for it. 11 p.m. hits and all you can think about is food. So you go with your gut and head over to your pantry and eat anything/everything in sight.

6. The endless sweating and redness that comes along with working out.

OK, OK, OK, let's try this again and hit up the gym. 30 minutes into the workout, you're profusely sweating and your face is morphing into a tomato. You wonder to yourself, "Am I OK?" Cute, this is why you can't go to the gym with boys.

7. Not seeing initial results.

You start consistently weighing yourself and when you don't see results you'd like.

8. Those positive results, though!

All of a sudden, you start seeing results and you're ecstatic. Maybe the gym isn't as evil as you think!

9. Health and fitness Instagram accounts.

You start following a bunch of different health and fitness Instagram accounts to help keep you motivated and in the game. Seems pretty unrealistic that you'll ever look like these people, but hey, it doesn't hurt to dream! #fitfam #gainz #fitspo

10. Those occasional gym snap stories.

You must make sure that everyone knows that you have been going to the gym. You throw in an occasional gym selfie here and there, nothing to be ashamed of.

11. The beginning of the end.

After a solid week of working out, you accidentally miss a day at the gym, which turns to two days. Then three. All of a sudden, you haven't gone back to the gym in over a week!

12. Realizations.

Real eyes. Realize. Real lies. You realize that you're not cut out to be a gym rat. Your true calling is to be a couch potato and that is OK. You will not argue this anymore.

13. The aftermath.

You happily sit on your couch, snacking on whatever you feel like and smiling without a care in the world while watching your favorite TV show, episode after episode.

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