10 Thoughts You Have During a Final Exam, As Told By 'Friends'

Well, friends, it's finals time. And you know what that means - hours and hours of studying, writing papers, and preparing for final presentations. But sometimes the worst part of it all is actually taking that dreaded exam. You may do all that prep work only to have the exam handed to you and realize you simply aren't prepared enough. Or you may just be a tad too anxious about everything (like me) and have a full blown panic attack in the middle of a room packed with your (probably just as nervous) classmates. Either way, it can be an absolutely horrific experience.

I'm sure you've probably experienced these 10 thoughts while taking an exam. It's time to reflect, laugh about it a little (with the help of the infamous Friends cast), and move on.

1. I'm not even tired.

You try to convince yourself that 4 cups of coffee + 2 hours of sleep = an adequate amount energy to deal with this test. Then your friend comments on the bags under your eyes and you remember that, in fact, you are "not a morning person."

2. It can't be that hard. I know all of the material so well!

You've studied all day and night. There's absolutely no way that you missed any of the material while reviewing.

3. ....Or not.

But then you hear your friends debating about a discussion question from chapter 7 and have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Guess you overlooked a few things.....

4. I'm totally fine, though. At least I won't fail.

But you definitely know enough of the material well enough to get a C.....right?

5. Okay, I lied. I'm really not okay.

Those questions are a lot harder than you were expecting. How many points can you miss and still pass? *adds up points in head*....Oh no. Is it getting harder to breath in here? Why is no one else freaking out?

6.There is no way I've learned this before.

That open-ended question at the end of the test has you stumped.

7. I have some not-so-nice things to say about my professor....

Seriously, why would your professor do this to you? It's like he wants you to fail.

8. Could this exam BE any worse?

Enough said.

9. Okay, time to get your sh*t together.

You realize that complaining isn't going to help the situation or, really, benefit you in any way. So, you decide it's time to buck-up and give yourself a pep talk.

10. It's finally over!

Weary-eyed from staring at the test, blisters on your fingers from holding your pencil so tight, and back aching from being hunched over for 3 hours, you finally hand in your paper. It feels like a weight has been lifted from your chest and you realize that you finally get to do whatever you want. And with that, you promptly head home to take a well-deserved and long.....long nap.

Happy finals recovery, everyone....

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