The 10 Worst Things About Booking Your Spring Break Trip

If you are a college student who is getting ready to go away on your expensive and somewhat overrated spring break trip to most likely Florida or Mexico then you know that the process was not an easy one.

I'm pretty sure college kids are the most difficult humans on the planet but that's besides the point. Planning a spring break trip amongst a huge group of college students is almost as difficult as finding the cure, you probably had fights along the way about location, begged people for money and probably had a few people drop out but that's just the way it goes. Every year.

Spring break planning is the worst, especially if you're the one who takes the leadership position all I have to say is good luck and may the spring break odds be ever in your favor.

1. Where the hell should we even go?

Mexico and Florida are huge spring break destinations and if your group is feeling extra spendy and lavish you might even consider the Bahamas. If you didn't have a group chat fight about location, you probably have really easy going friends.

2. "Oh no (insert name here) better not be there.

Sabrina's ex is going, get ready for world war 3.

3. B*tch better have my money by Tuesday.

Gathering large sums of money from college kids in a timely basis, yeah good joke.

4. "Guys I don't think I'm going to come" Read at 1:05 am.

If you don't have people drop out last minute then your spring break group talks trash about them, you really aren't doing it right.

5. Where the hell are we going to stay?!

Booking hotel rooms or Airbnb's is a daunting task and ultimately will end up in a fight at some point. Oh and if your Airbnb doesn't cancel on you 4 times are you even spring breaking!?

6. "You don't understand my fake is literally not going to work."

Depending on where you plan on going someone in your friend group probably has a shitty ID that you all know isn't going to work so you have copious amounts of stress about it.

7. "But, I don't even have my 6 pack yet!"

Amy is probably going to end up dropping out because her spring break bod really just isn't ready to go yet.

8. The itinerary.

Everyone has that friend who is planning every waking moment of the trip and everyone else probably wants to burn the itinerary.

9. No one can rent a car.

Oh forgot we were all 13 and we are so not allowed to rent a car! Uber it is!!

~just spring break things~

10. "If I get there and our view is ugly I'm going home."

What would a spring break trip be without a drama queen!

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