There's nothing quite like the excitement that comes with the summer season. The temperatures rise and the layers are shed as we all seek to trade in our heaters for some high quality AC. Most of us will venture outside for some BBQ's, beach trips, or summer drives with the windows down. The downside? Summer can really take a toll on our skin. We've all found ourselves bathing in a pool of Aloe before, and it's likely that it'll happen again as we experience the ever-dreadful stages of a sunburn.

1. Denial

Sunscreen? Nah, I want to be tan.

2. The First Warning

Hmm, that looks a little pink ... it'll be fine.

3. The Flip

Time to turn over onto my back — oh, ouch, wasn't expecting that.

4. Inspecting the Damages

Ah, crap.

5. The Shower


6. Showing Your Friends/Family

Don't touch me!

7. Asking for Assistance

Please, please help me put my Aloe on.

8. The Peel

Officially allergic.

9. The Fade-Into-Tan

That was kind of worth it ...

10. The "Im Never Doing That Again"

(Until you do)