7 Reasons You're Excited About The New 'That's So Raven'
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7 Reasons You're Excited About The New 'That's So Raven'

Raven Simone just confirmed the spin-off of the classic Disney Channel show.

7 Reasons You're Excited About The New 'That's So Raven'


This was my favorite show to watch on Disney Channel throughout the majority of my childhood. That's So Raven made us laugh, freak out, dance and overall just put us in a great mood. Not many shows can compare to how original this was (and will be.) Here are some points as to why That's So Raven was and is one of my favorite shows from my childhood.

1. Raven's Dancing

Come on, she had killer dance moves. She always busted a move when there was a good beat. She was twerking way before anyone else was.

2. Raven's Corky Sayings

"Ya nasty" "Girl You Tripping" "Oh snap" oh yeah, and "Ya nasty"

3. Raven's Outfits

SHE DESIGNED HER OWN CLOTHES. Her style was different, and she would wear her outfits and own it. They were bright, different, and cute — For the early 2000s .

4. Raven's Costumes

Yes, she also designed her costumes. Costumes that helped her get in and out of trouble with her friends.

5. The Theme Song Was Lit

This song was the ish. You want to get up dance. I still know the lyrics . You know it's a good song if you know the lyrics.

6. Physic Powers

Raven could see into the future. HOW COOL. That's the whole story line that makes Raven do the funny things that she does throughout the show.

7. Confidence

Raven was always confident. Her weight, skin color and gender were never an obstacle for her. She's one of the few Disney characters who I see stand up and fight for what she wants. She was confident.

I'm very excited for this spin-off. Not only was Raven a fun source of entertainment, but she inspired me a lot growing up. As a little girl, I struggled with my confidence. Then I saw Raven get away with doing wacky stuff, so I would think well if she can be cool and wacky I can to. The way she dressed also affected my sense of style, every time my mom would take me out shopping I made it clear to my mom that my clothes had to have that Raven touch. Raven's show inspired me and stuck with me. No Disney show has compared to impacting me as That's So Raven .

This spin-off is plotted to be in Raven's adult life. She will be a single mom of two children, one of which will also have physic power. Disney will finally bring back a touch of one of it's most original hit shows, and I couldn't be more happy that they chose That's So Raven . While her show taught and brought awareness to issues, I hope the show does the same thing with our issues today in this upcoming spin-off. Especially in gender equality, sexuality, racism, discrimination and so much more.

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