When I was working at Shoppers' World, there was a song that I kept bopping my head to and this song had become one of my favorite songs. And that song was Fifth Harmony's "That's my Girl." Even though the song may sound noisy the first time you hear it because of its loud horns, but there was more to the song than I thought there was. This song tells women to become independent and you shouldn't let anyone, not even your "boo," to put you in low spirits.

Yes, breakups can be a sad experience but breakups shouldn't tell you that it's the end of the world. In fact, women should see this as a new start in their life. And this is what song is trying to reflect. Fifth Harmony's "That's my Girl" encourages women to get up on their feet after facing some heartbreak.

Fifth Harmony wants to remind women that they are strong enough to overcome their sadness and move on. At the same time, Fifth Harmony tells women that they should get independent and keep moving forward. Throughout the chorus of the song and towards the end, Fifth Harmony sings out "That's my girl... That's my girl..." to the listener. Usually, this expression is used when someone is proud of what has been accomplished by their daughter or less often, by their one's girlfriend. And most of the time, women get happy when someone says this, am I right? Pretty much, Fifth Harmony takes this expression in their song in order to express their pride and praise to all the women in the world.

It's cool enough that such a song exists because women deserve some love and appreciation. Thanks to this empowering song, women are able to see their self-worth and work harder than ever before.