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8 Songs To Remind You That You're 100% THAT B*tch

To the girl who needs a reminder that she's a bad b*tch.

8 Songs To Remind You That You're 100% THAT B*tch

Whether you're going through a breakup, feeling bad about yourself, or just not giving yourself that self-love you deserve — it's time to turn up these tunes. Here is a list of some femme power songs that I blast when I need a hype up. They all vary in genre and sound so there's something for everyone!

1. "Truth Hurts," Lizzo

Lizzo is the QUEEN of self-love and "Truth Hurts" is the ultimate jam. If you've seen "Someone Great" on Netflix you may recognize her song from the kitchen dancing scene (not a spoiler, I promise). When I drive down the street, blasting this with the windows down, "Truth Hurts" reminds me that "I don't play tag...I been it," if you're holding me back and not holding me down, you'll hear the sound of me not calling you back, because I am, 100% THAT b*tch.

2. "Pretty Ugly," Tierra Whack

"Pretty Ugly" is a unique and wacky little tune with a surprise ending. This song is bold and fre$h and helps me remember that other people shouldn't worry about me because "I'm doing just fine, and that it doesn't matter what they think because I'm doing just fine." No matter who it is, other people's judgments don't define you, and sometimes it can be easy to forget that and this song can often be a quick fix for me!

3. "Backin' It Up," Pardison Fontaine (feat. Cardi B.)

Like with most rap songs, I only know what "Backin' It Up" is about half of the time. But I do know that the half I understand is a good one.

To me, it's just a modern day sonnet where rap-Romeo hypes up Juliet.

Listening to this song encourages me to value myself and hold how I let myself be treated to a high standard.

4. "I Wish I Missed My Ex," Mahalia

Time to slow things down a little with "I Wish I Missed My Ex." This smooth, flowy, beautiful song is perfect for a relaxed mood. Mahalia's detailing of how "every time the weekend comes I know it won't be long, 'till you call my phone, you'll be like 'babe come over'" and "talk about you need closure" can be an all too accurate account of your relationship with a booty call, an ex, or so many other people.

It's so inspiring to hear how Mahalia moved on from all of that and now it's like an annoying little kid is hitting her up while she sings "too many missed calls, too many texts, man, I wish I missed my ex".

5. "Bad Girls," M.I.A.

This classic is so often slept on or forgotten. This is the type of song you want to blast driving around with your girls in a convertible (or an insane high-speed car chase like in the capturing music video). This song makes me want to be a bad girl young dumb and broke style. M.I.A. inspires me to thrive and have fun at the moment, and maybe live a little faster. As an artist, she is such a strong role model and activist she exudes boss energy and makes me think that no one "is gonna stop me when I'm coming through."

6. "#NOTYOURS," Scooter Island (Feat. Jungle Pussy)

Thanks to "Broad City" (the best, wokest, and most creative show I have seen) I was introduced to the song #NOTYOURS. This unpredictable song keeps it interesting right when you think you've got it down with its tempo and rhythmic changes! The energy from this one of a kind style of rap really reaches and infiltrates the listener that's why by the end of this song I am always so into it and stop singing feeling ready to go and unstoppable!

7. "Run The World," Beyoncé

I mean come on, we all need a little reminder that "we run this mother" sometimes. You do a lot, give yourself some credit and praise. This upbeat, fun, and easy to dance to song symbolizes the power of the female collective — when we all come together, we can literally run the world. Women are a force to be reckoned with and that is thanks to all the strong, smart, kind women like you! So pump up the Yoncé, and get to running this world.

8. "Lemonade," Beyonce

So you thought I was done with Beyoncé...Although there are those that think she is overrated I think the overall consensus is that she's a queen and she's here to remind you that


Through her recent documentary: "Homecoming" Beyoncé used her platform to raise those who are marginalized and empower its groups including women and African Americans. She continued to #slay in her Lemonade Album which reportedly was her response to Jay Z cheating. Throughout the album, she expresses many of her emotions and much of her thought process.

She also has quite a few songs meant to empower women and inspire women to respect themselves and demand that respect from others. The album as a whole is worth listening to but some of my favorite hype up songs include "Don't Hurt Yourself," "Formation," "6 inch Heels," and "Sorry."

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