Thanksgiving Travel Tips
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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

A few ways to make your trip home more enjoyable!

Thanksgiving Travel Tips
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With Thanksgiving around the corner, I decided to offer a few tips for travelling home! If you’re like me, then you’ve been desperately counting down the days until it’s time to go home. While some of you may be carpooling home, others may be taking a bus or train. Because I live in San Diego, I have to take a very long trip on the Amtrak consisting of taking both the train and the bus. Regardless of how you’re getting home, it’s good to be prepared for the trip home. With that said, I hope you all benefit from this article.

#1 Pack light!

This is probably the issue I struggle with most when I plan on going home! On the Amtrak, there really isn’t much space available for you to put your luggage. During holiday peak times like Thanksgiving, it’s especially hard to find space. For this reason, I recommend to bring no more than two pieces of luggage with you. I usually bring my backpack and either a large duffel bag or my small suitcase. For some people, that is not enough to hold all their necessities. If this is the case, I recommend that you get to the Amtrak station 2 hours early to check in your luggage. With Amtrak, I believe you can check in two pieces of luggage and you can carry an additional two as carry-on bags. I personally don’t like being at the train station, so I just pack light.

#2 Bring snacks!

If your trip is especially long, then I recommend buying some snacks for your trip! I usually bring two water bottles, a bag of chips, and fruit snacks/gummies. Other snack suggestions include: cookies, trail mix, and granola bars. If you’re driving home, then I definitely recommend snacking on the road to keep you awake.

#3 Bring a blanket/pillow

If you’re in for a long ride on a car, bus, or train, then be sure to bring a blanket and pillow! My train ride is about three hours and I usually don’t fall asleep, but for the second half of my trip, I am on the bus for 5 hours. I usually try and get some sleep on the bus since the lights are off and it’s generally pretty quiet. I often forget my blanket, which is unfortunate since the bus is usually very cold for some reason. If a blanket and pillow seem like a bit much, it also helps to bring a comfy hoodie and a travel neck pillow.

#4 Entertainment

Be sure to bring something to keep you occupied during your trip home. I usually use my phone and laptop the most when I travel home. Listening to music or watching a movie is a good way to pass the time until you get home. I sometimes bring a book or even my knitting when I travel!

#5 Remember to stay charged!

Don’t forget the necessary chargers for your electronics! Always make sure you have your phone chargers, laptop chargers, and whatever else you may need to make sure your electronics don’t die! If you’re travelling on the Amtrak, be sure to take advantage of the outlets on the train and the bus. The outlets on the train are along the wall, and most Amtrak busses have outlets in between underneath the seats. A lot of people don’t know about the outlets on the bus, so be sure to keep a look out for those as well.

I hope my tips helped those of you who are preparing for the journey home! Be sure to travel safe, and I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving!

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