Thanksgiving: A Day Of Thanks Or A Sham?
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Thanksgiving: A Day Of Thanks Or A Sham?

What Do We Really Know About Thanksgiving? Should We Really Be Celebrating it?

Thanksgiving: A Day Of Thanks Or A Sham?
The First Thanksgiving Louis Gerome Ferris

Thanksgiving is known as the day of giving thanks.

A day to be with the people you love. A DAY full of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, pie, and family drama. But what Thanksgiving actually is, is a big fat sham of a holiday...

We have been raised to believe that Thanksgiving is supposed to be about family. But it’s actually about gluttony and sloth at its all time high. It’s like the unhealthiest holiday, up there with Christmas, July 4th, Easter, and Memorial Day. I won’t lie, I do take part in the eating, because it's food. And I love food. It would be stupid to turn away from food. But this holiday is mostly about over eating until you’re sick. Which I don’t do ever. Most people I know have two or three plates filled with food. Like, I literally can feel my arteries clogging up just thinking about it. Pace yourself people, you don’t have to stuff yourselves, there will be leftovers.

And let’s not forget about that tall tale most of us were told growing up - how Thanksgiving marks the day that Pilgrims met the helpful Indians, who gave them food and farming tips to survive the cold.

We thank them by bringing plagues to their villages, taking from them, raping them, and slaughtering them. Almost wiping them out completely. But you know, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! How do we forget that one of the most celebrated holidays is based off a genocide? Oh, did you guys know that Thanksgiving is a national day of mourning for Native Americans in New England (only New England, I know but still). A day of mourning on the same exact day we give thanks. Doesn’t that scream that something's wrong with this holiday?

And then there’s Black Friday, which isn’t even a holiday, but is seen as one. I bet you're saying, "This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving", but you're wrong, my dears. Literally hours after giving thanks we go to stores, to shop for those special deals for Christmas, and lose our ever loving minds by becoming the worst version of ourselves (I’m not saying this is how everyone acts, but people can get mean). Once those doors open, that thankful crap goes right out the window. Black Friday has caused violence and chaos. I’m talking stampedes, minor and serious injuries - like some actually died working a Black Friday. DIED. There’s actually been a shooting at a freaking Toys ‘R’ Us.

Literally a day after celebrating family, traditions, a day of giving, and harvest, society becomes rabid dogs for a sale. Pushing and shoving and hurting people for a television, or a cell phone, or some clothes. So much for giving thanks, huh?

Don’t get me wrong now. When I was younger I enjoyed Thanksgiving, it was a time I went to visit family and had amazing food. But as I got older, Thanksgiving lost its appeal as I learned the history of it. Also, just in general, learning what the world has come to. How do we celebrate a holiday like this? A holiday based off of pain? I mean, ok, there is a bigger picture when it comes to Thanksgiving, like family and being thankful.

But doesn't it seem kind of ironic that we only seem to remember the poor when its Thanksgiving and Christmas? Think about it! What is Thanksgiving really about? Hmm?

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