Many college students complain about the short amount of time that they get for Thanksgiving break. Some students have a week or more, if you do consider yourself lucky. Thanksgiving break or fall break for some is just the appetizer for winter break. Your first semester of the year is almost over and it's so close you can taste it. It's like when the Thanksgiving food is ready but the kids get to eat first. It sucks, you just want the semester to be over with! If you're a freshman it has probably been the toughest semester of your life and if you're older you're probably just ready to graduate. We should have a longer Thanksgiving break because some students out of state have to travel so far and they already don't get to see their families for months on end. A longer Thanksgiving break for more universities around the nation would give everyone more time to rest and relax before the dreaded finals in December.

Back in high school we took that full week we had off for granted but now we wish we could have it back. In college every day off is vital, you either catch up on sleep on your day off or catch up on school work. So even when you're out of school, you're technically not out of school because there is always so much to do. The least that our universities could do is give us an extra few days to enjoy some home-cooked meals. I mean, that's not too much to ask is it? Maybe it is. At the University of Arizona and at other universities there are always those teachers who you absolutely hate that make you come to class the day before a holiday. Knowing that 85% of the class is going to miss, yet they still take attendance and try to screw your grade more than it already is. Some teachers, in my opinion, should get paid more for being nice to students. Other mean teachers who aren't always fair should just not teach. I hate that a lot of teachers don't even like their job. I feel like for someone to be a teacher they at least have to like being around young people and socializing. You would think that would be a requirement on the application.

Other breaks besides Thanksgiving break should also be extended, like spring break. The second semester there are nearly no holidays or days off. Spring break is the only time college students get to catch their breath during the fast-paced semester. If spring break was extended students, in my opinion, would have a better finish to their semester because they got more time to rest and hang out with friends or do whatever! High school kids, don't rush to get to college, it isn't as great as it seems. It is 100x harder than high school and you will hate your life all four years while contemplating dropping out. It's okay though, everyone eventually makes it through and so will you.