The Anticipation Of Thanksgiving Break As A College Student

The Anticipation Of Thanksgiving Break As A College Student

We all just want to be home.

As we change our clocks and the chilly November nights come along, the feelings of the holiday season are in full effect.

Being at school, away from home during this time of year, a mix of emotions come upon you. Although the holiday season automatically reminds of you spending time with family and celebrating together, being at school with friends gives you the opportunity to create new traditions as you begin to enter adulthood.

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner and being at school with friends who you are genuinely thankful for makes the anticipation of being with family a little easier. Leading up to Thanksgiving break, it is obvious to me how blessed I am to be surrounded by such amazing people. Getting together, decorating our doors and rooms with Thanksgiving decorations sent by family through care packages and enjoying each others company keeps one another focused on school work before break.

Although being with one another at school prior to Thanksgiving break is fun, it is obvious that at some points we want to give up on school work and go home and be with family. Luckily, we have each other to talk to and remind one another that we will be home soon, maybe even creating a countdown to motivate one another. The semester is more than halfway complete and you are just weeks or even days away from celebrating Thanksgiving with your families in the comport of your own home! Talking to one another about our own traditions and memories also helps the time pass.

As break comes along and we say our goodbyes for just a few days, excitement is all around. Whether it be Pep Rallies, football games, family dinner, Black Friday shopping, or annual traditions such as Thanksgiving Eve Bonfires, we have so much to be thankful as we go home. Nothing beats participating in holiday traditions with your family.

So, as the holiday season sneaks around the corner, be sure to spend as much time with friends at school and enjoy each others company. These are memories that you will hold forever as you being to grow into adulthood. College is "the best years of your life," so spend time with those around you in the weeks and days leading up to the holidays instead of having the holiday blues and missing your family. Soon enough, you will be back with family celebrating your own holiday traditions.

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5 Reasons You Should Head To San Antonio's Fiesta

There truly isn't an option for boredom in San Antonio.

The city of San Antonio loves to celebrate its Mexican heritage and upbringing, and this year marks the tricentennial, which means SA is going to be partying extra hard, and you're invited.

Fiesta is an annual 11-day celebration where the entire city partakes in events and parades. Such events include Taste of New Orleans, Fiesta Oyster Bake, Fiesta Arts Fair, Piñatas in the Barrio, Ford Mariachi Festival, King William Fair, and the list goes on.

In case you needed some convincing, here's five reasons you should get your butt down and party with the natives:

Nearly unlimited food options

At a San Antonio festival, you can ALWAYS count on the food. Booths lined up among sidewalks at the events and giant signs advertising "PAPA LOCA" and "CHICKEN ON A STICK" will make it hard to ignore their delicious aromas. What's a celebration without food, anyway?

Drinking options as well

Come hang with the borrachos and enjoy the event with nice refreshment options. If you are under 21, fresh squeezed lemonade and agua frescas are just as delicious.

Live Entertainment

Over 50 musicians are set to play and cover a wide range of genres, from country, rock, hip-hop, Tejano and Jazz, to name a few. Check out the extensive list here.

Experience the culture

San Antonio has rich Mexican culture that will be explored and represented during the week-and-a-half span of Fiesta. Experience art, music, and San Antonio traditions like collecting as many Fiesta medals possible or adorning giant, colorful sombreros.

Too much to do

There truly isn't an option for boredom in the city. Okay, I'm not just saying San Antonio is beautiful because it's my home city- San Antonio prides itself on its many attractions like the Riverwalk, Alamo, amusement park options, and missions, among other things. Ask your friendly neighborhood San Antonian for recommendations and you're sure to get different answers from different people.

What I really mean is: don't go to Fiesta because I'm telling you to. Go because you want to.

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11 Things On My Summer Bucket List

Summer 2018 here I come!

This summer I want to have the time of my life with the people I love!

1. Weekend in the city

The city is one of my new favorite places and I would love to just be there for a whole weekend to discover some new coffee shops and restaurants I have never been to before.

2. Wisconsin Dells and Six Flags

Now I wouldn’t call myself an adrenaline junky (in fact I am probably quite the opposite) however this summer I want to really put myself out there and go on rides while I still have the courage to do so!

3. Working out

Yup, I know this is not really a fun thing but last summer I worked out every day and I felt amazing. This summer I want to do that all over again and really get my body into shape.

4. The beach

The beach is probably one of my favorite places and I never really get a chance to go to one because I am always so busy with school and my family. This summer I am taking full advantage of the nice weather and going to a beach!

5. Starved Rock!

I have started to really love hiking in the wilderness and going back to starved rock is definitely something I am really excited to do!

6. Do well at my internship

Technically, this is not really a bucket list item but it is something that I hope comes out of this summer! I have my very first internship and I am really excited about the opportunity I have been given. Wish me luck!

7. Cooking

During school, it is really hard for me to get into cooking because of how busy I am. However, this summer I really want to get into cooking and get better at this skill I have been putting off!

8. Reconnect with friends

There are a lot of people close to me that I have kind of fallen out of touch with. I am hoping some of them come around and we can spend some quality time together.

9. Changing up my style

I am not someone who tends to take fashion risks, however, I really want to go outside my comfort zone when it comes to what I wear.

10. Work on myself

I am someone who definitely struggles with confidence and self-acceptance every once and a while and I really want to change how I feel about myself.

11. Dance for myself

As someone who has gotten into the routine of dancing for a performance, I really want to go back to just dancing for myself!

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