Thanks College Friends
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Thanks College Friends

You're Truly Amazing

Thanks College Friends

As I am about to finish my first year in college, I need to give a big shoutout to my college friends for being the worlds greatest friends. Nine months ago, you all were strangers. Now, I wouldn't be shocked if more than half of you ended up as my brides maids. You have impacted my life in ways I can't even explain. From hanging with rugby team, to becoming sammy groupies and then hiding from all of them every single day around campus, to going to efys every single weekend and meeting the not so nice jewish boys, this past year has definitely been one for the books.

Thank you for allowing me to be me, for never judging me, and for being my hype man, no matter how many bad decisions I want to make. You guys have saw me at my worst and my best and no matter what, loved me through it all. You were there when I got bullied by my statistics tutor for being too dumb, and the time when tinder boy asked me for $112. You were here throughout all my roommate issues and boy problems. You were here through my breakups and my mental breakdowns. But most importantly, you were there for me to drag me out of my bed, get dressed, and go uptown to make some more bad decisions when I really didn't want to go out every weekend.

Thanks to those who came to eat lunch with me every single day so I wouldn't have to eat alone. Thanks to those who would walk all the way to the health center with me when I wasn't feeling well. Thanks to those who would lend me a meal when I ran out of mine because I spent it all the night before at Starbucks and Outtakes. Thanks to those who would come to the library with me and help motivate me to study so I can get good grades and not have to transfer home next year. Lastly, thanks to those who would come on all sorts of adventures with me, wether it be to CVS, the storage unit, the greyhound bus stop, or the towson diner.

A big shoutout to my sorority sisters for always having my back. You all have made a huge mark on my life and I couldn't be more grateful than to have met you guys. Greek sing was probably the best/worst night of most of our lives but it brought me so much closer to a lot of you. I never thought I would be able to say more than 100 girls would have my back through everything, but I was really wrong. I am so thankful to be apart of this sorority and be apart of my hot mess of a fam. LITP

So in the end, I want you to know that this year wouldn't have been half as fun and amazing if I have never met all of you. It is crazy that in a week, we will be more than 5 minutes away from each other, some in different towns, some in different states. How am I going to survive the entire summer away from my best friends? I can't wait to come back in August and hear about everyones crazy stories and to create so many more amazing and wild memories next year! Remember, I am only a phone call, text, or drive away.

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