Hello there godparents,

You raised me up like you were my biological parents, you made me feel so loved and so respected in your home and I miss it so much and regret my decision to leave every single day. Now that I'm at college I miss you guys even more and I want you to know how much I love you. I haven't always been kind to you and I regret that. You gave me everything I could've asked for, I finally had parents I was proud to introduce and love me, not that my dad does not love me, he does very much but this was different. You took me shopping and to doctors' appointments and watched TV shows with me at night, you made me feel like I was really part of the family and always made a point to have dinner together, and never to go to bed mad.

You made me your own and I wanted you to adopt me so badly but I know that would've been painful for my father. I now stand here with love from all three of you and I couldn't be more grateful. I hope that I can build my relationship back to where it was one-day, to be part of your family again. I love you and thank you for caring about me even when I didn't care about myself; when I had lost the will to live you picked me up from college and brought me to live with you guys. You made me your daughter, a daughter I was proud to be.

Growing up you were always there for me and when I visited on breaks and holidays, it simply wasn't enough with how much I love you guys. I was always so excited to come to New York and see you guys and hang out, and shop till we dropped. Laugh at funny movies, and cry when we watched Sophie's Choice. I love everything about you guys and you guys are literally relationship goals. You guys love each other so much that it radiates to other people, and I want my relationship to be like that in 30 years.

I'm so glad I have role models to look up to like you guys so thank you.

Melissa Garcia