Thank you.

Thank you for always being there, no matter what.

Thank you for being strong even when you wanted to cry.

Thank you for letting me cry with you.

Thank you for teaching me that I can fight for what I want.

Thank you for teaching me to be independent.

Neither one of us thought our lives would turn out like this. But we made the most of it and I think we are doing pretty well. But that's all thanks to you.

So thank you for raising me the best you could. I know I didn't come with a handbook but you did what you thought was best. Thank you for filling in the role of both parents. I know it was hard to be both the mom and dad and also try to be my friend as well. But I think this whole situation made our relationship stronger. I know that I am stronger because of it.

Thank you for putting the focus on me until I grew up.

Thank you for helping me with my school work.

Thank you for always being around.

Thank you for being a stay at home mom.

Thank you for showing me how I want to raise my daughter.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

Although I know it may seem like I take you for granted sometimes, I promise that I do love you and appreciate everything you do for me.

Thank you for always driving me places.

Thank you for taking me to sports practices.

Thank you for giving up time with your friends to come pick me up.

Thank you for always making time for me.

Thank you for making my lunches and dinners.

Thank you for being supportive.

Thank you for loving me when I don't deserve it.

I love you so much, so thank you for raising me.

Thank you.