Dearest Russell 450,

Wow oh wow, how you have been good to me. From the corner seat of that gray futon, I have learned innumerable lessons about life, friendship, and maybe even a little bit of school material too. Inside of your brand new walls (shout out to you for those killer renovations), I have had the best year of my life in large part due to you.

I have a whole lot of thank yous to give you so here we go.

For my fourth floor east girls: what an electric, eclectic mix we are.

For have the perfect set up for dance parties: you let me dance it out when I was happy, stressed, or bored.

For the RA who never fails to be there: for you when you need a friend, a joke, or a lollipop on your birthday, she was always there.

For the hallmate stories that will still be hilarious years from now: you never told a soul any of the gossip you'd hear.

For the cleanest, nicest dorm bathrooms I've ever seen: seriously, you made community bathrooms totally manageable.

For the nights with 16 people piling onto my floor: you avoided burning in one of the worst fire hazards I've ever seen.

For the game nights up: Cards Against Humanity and poker and paranoia literally never ended

For the nights with textbooks cramming for an exam: chemistry won't be the same at two AM.

For the twinkling Christmas lights we never took down from December: they just looked so good one you!!

For showing me that Mac and Cheese is sacred….And Ramen and Kind Bars.

For giving me a place of my own when I was so far from my home: it was so much easier to not be homesick because I loved coming home at the end of my days.

For being my kitchen, my vanity, my bedroom, my living room, and my desk: it was a big task, but you stepped up to the plate.

For being everyone's living room: my friends will miss you just as much as me.

For letting me demolish your walls with pictures and memories: all that made you a little bit more my own.

For not having working cable; I was much more productive.

For showing me the many, many purposes of an ottoman: seriously, how does anyone live without one??

For my best friend: you gave me a roommate, but let our friendship turn into one of the greats.

450, forever will you be the room that was so much more than a place to sleep. There are so many more thank yous to give and I can't wait to try to visit again one day, but for now, all I have to say is this: be just as good to the next pair lucky enough to call you home.