To The Guy I Don’t Tell Enough, Thank You Dad

To The Guy I Don’t Tell Enough, Thank You Dad

I hope you never question how thankful I am for you.

Caitlin Flaherty

As I've been sitting here trying to write other articles, I've come back to this over and over. I've always known that you were a special kind of dad, but college gave me a new appreciation for you. So, here we go.


From the day I was born and before, I was lucky enough to have you as my dad, whether I always recognize it or not. A dad can play one of the most important roles in a girl's life and you definitely have for me. From laughing at home to encouraging me on the softball field, you were always there.

Thank you for being sarcastic.

All the eye rolls aside, your sarcasm has molded me into who I am today. Without your constant teasing, I wouldn't have the thick skin I do. Without your constant jokes, I wouldn't have the amazing "dad joke humor" that you gave me. Without your constant laughing, I wouldn't know how important that is in life. Because of your sarcasm, I know the importance of being with someone who laughs throughout life.

Thank you for showing me what hard work looks like.

We always joke that you're always working. Work comes home almost every day and we make fun of you for it, but really, thank you. You have shown me what being dedicated to something really is and that is more than valuable. Your hard work has taught me more than you know. I know that I need to not only push myself to work my hardest, but also those around me. Thank you for giving your all to what you do. Because of your hard work, I now know the importance of surrounding myself with dedicated people.

Thank you for believing in me.

You always coached my teams, but if you couldn't you'd be at every game and in the backyard practicing with me every day. However, your support went beyond the field. You always told me that anything that was real to me was real to you, even if you didn't understand it. You were there for me, through every bit of drama and for every big event. Because of your belief in me, I have become who I am.

The thank yous could go on and on, they're endless really.

Thank you for singing in the car even when you don't know the lyrics. Thank you for bringing me to work when I was little and letting me use the tools. Thank you for all the heart to hearts when it's just us in the car. Thank you for dealing with me when I was twelve. Thank you for telling me you're proud of me. Thank you for always running to the store when I just really need something. Oh, and thank you for giving me dimples.


The daughter who should have told you this before.

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