You've been my best friend since I came into this world, you've taught me to stand up for myself, and to always go after what I want in life. Thank you for everything.

1. Thank you for giving me a backbone.

2. Thank you for being my toughest critic.

3. Thank you for being my best friend.

4. Thank you for teaching me how to stand up for myself.

5. Thank you for being there when my heart got broken.

6. Thank you for being my protector.

7. Thank you for teaching me how to be tough.

8. Thank you for letting me make mistakes.

9. Thank you for listening to me.

10. Thank you for letting me annoy you for 21 years.

You have been my greatest supporter and my touchest critic my entire life. You hold me accountable for my mistakes and give me praise where I earned it. You came to every dance recital, dropped me off at dance, and encouraged me to never stop doing what I love.

You've picked me up when I fall down, or tell me to "rub some dirt in it, you'll be fine", like when I played tee-ball and I got hit in the cheek with a bat. I can't put into words how much you've taught me throughout my life, starting with the fact that it's okay to play tee-ball in a tutu and cleats. And it's okay to get your heartbroken, but it all matters about how you pick yourself up and move forward in the aftermath.