A Thank You To My High School Teachers After My First Year Of College

A Thank You To My High School Teachers After My First Year Of College

I hope that you realize how much I appreciate everything you did for me.

To my high school teachers:

Thank you for making me realize that I am responsible for my own future. Whether it’s short term or long term, I learned from you all that just hoping that everything turns out OK is not always going to work. While it is true that there were some subjects I found very challenging, I am still grateful to those who taught them because it was in those classes that I learned the study strategies that work best for me. Constantly hearing about college every day for four years may have been stressful at the time, but now that I’m here, I realize that it was actually a good thing that I got used to the idea of choosing a career and being on my own.

Thank you for being kind. Even those of you who were intimidating on the surface were always nice to me whenever I spoke to you, and this proved to me that simple kindness goes a long way in brightening a stranger’s day. The atmosphere that this kindness created made the people there feel like a family, which is something that I am especially grateful for. Thank you for checking on me, especially senior year when it was college acceptance season.

Thank you for not being afraid to do things a little differently than your colleagues did. You knew that students either loved or hated your class, and you knew that those who loved it felt that way because you gave a fresh perspective during our very long days. I thank you for standing by your principles and proving that one can make a bigger impact by being different from their peers. You have inspired me to try to do the same, as well as to keep an open mind, even when others are trying to tell me what to think.

Thank you for making me feel welcome when I came back to visit. You have no idea how weird it was walking those sidewalks the first day that I came back, and I want to thank you all for making me feel so comfortable. It is difficult to describe the feeling of going back, so thank you for making it feel a whole lot less awkward than I was expecting it to feel. Being in those classrooms catching up on life and laughing at the same things that we used to is something that I look forward to whenever I go home.

Each and every one of you made an impact on the person that I am today, and I hope that you realize how much I appreciate everything you did for me. It’s because of you that I am now at the college that is a perfect fit for me. Thank you for helping me find my interests and pursue the things that I want. Most of all, thank you for making me feel like a member of the family.


Your grateful former student.

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You Are A Lot Stronger Than You Think

You are loved

Statistics on Domestic Violence

  • On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. During one year, this equates to more than 10 million women and men
  • On a typical day, there are more than 20,000 phone calls placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide.
  • Women between the ages of 18-24 are most commonly abused by an intimate partner

I normally do not write responses to the news. However, the White House made headlines when Rob Porter, White House Staff Secretary, was accused of assaulting his ex-wives. The person to out this horrific behavior was none other than his ex-wives, Colbie Holderness and Jennifer Willoughby.. his first ex-wife, Ms. Holderness released a picture of her black eye which was caused by her then husband.

Naturally, Porter tried to deny these allegations by saying that it was an “accident.” If I am not mistaken, that is the most common excuse a person will give. “It was an accident,” “I did not mean it,” “I will not do it again.”

What WAS shocking were Kelly Anne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sander’s responses to the wives, when they came out in defense of Porter or… didn’t defend the victims. Ms. Sander refused to talk about the abuse and said the President wished Porter well for his future endeavors. Ms. Conway was quoted saying the following about Hope Hicks, Porter’s girlfriend: “I'm sorry for any suffering [Porter's ex] has endured, but in the case of Hope, I rarely met somebody so strong with such excellent instincts, and loyalty, and smarts.”

Strong, smart, loyalty, and instinctive. Words that were not given to the ex-wives but Hope Hicks.

Did Conway mean that women who are abused are dumb? Not loyal? Weak? Lack good instincts? If so, I am here to take a stand and say that Conway is wrong.

Women who go through abuse are not weak, dumb, disloyal, or lack instincts. Women who undergo this kind of trauma are loving, kind, loyal, and have good instincts. They are good and educated. Queens, mothers, sisters, women in power. You know who are weak, dumb, disloyal and lack instinct? Men who abuse their wives and girlfriends. Those people take advantage of their significant other’s love and compassion. It is not easy for a woman to talk about domestic violence.

Sure, men did abuse their wives back in the day and it was considered “normal.” As the consciousness of the society grew, more and more people spoke out against it. Kellyanne Conway’s comments are even more damaging to young girls in their teens and twenties. As women, we are susceptible of views on weight, skin color, the way we look, dress, if we are under or over educated. Now, women are listening to the comments coming out of the White House and should simply accept the appalling words from Huckabee Sanders and Conway? How is that right or fair? It is not.

No one, woman or man, is immune to domestic violence. To say that is completely ignorant and false. In a time where women are rising up and standing up against rolling back abortion rights, healthcare and standing up for their rights, these kinds of words are damaging and antithetical to the cause. Women should stick together. We should stand up for ourselves and for each other.

To every woman, you are strong, loved, intelligent, and loyal. To go through the trauma of abuse and escape it, is the definition of strength. To speak out against your abuser is courageous. You are a lot stronger than you realize. Do not listen to voices that say you are weak. To Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and women who defend men like Porter, shame on you.

If you are being abused, please speak up. Your voice and life is valuable. Please contact the following:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233
If you are deaf or hard of hearing, 1-800-787-3224

Cover Image Credit: Brooke Anderson

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4 Reasons Blacks Should Love Our President Trump

Why the president is actually good for the black community despite what critics say.

As a conservative African American, it saddens me to see so many people in the black community have a strong hatred for Donald Trump without knowing much about his policies. Only 15% of African Americans approve of President Trump, but I believe many of his black haters have very little idea of the good things that have happened during his presidency and have been brainwashed into thinking that President Trump is racist. Here are some reasons why blacks should love having Donald Trump as president.

1. He's not racist.

We've all heard the rumors that President Trump is racist. These rumors are nothing more than ad hominem political attacks against the president to try and discredit him and take away the minority vote from him. While it is true that he was one of the people who claimed that Obama was not from America, it's likely that he was doing this just to get media attention. There has been no definitive proof that the president is racist.

2. The economy is doing well.

The stock market is reaching new highs, GDP growth for the last year has been 2.3 percent, and manufacturing jobs are on the rise again. A better economy creates more opportunity for African Americans to live better lives.

3. The African American unemployment rate is at the lowest rate ever recorded.

Due to Trump's business-friendly policies and rhetoric, companies are no longer living in fear, worrying that in the near future the government will try and screw them over and raise their taxes or raise the minimum wage. The new certainty that Trump creates allows them to invest more, which creates new jobs for all Americans which in turn helps African Americans find jobs. The African American unemployment rate fell to just 6.8 percent in December 2017.

4. Trump's immigration policies would benefit the black community the most.

Illegal immigrants come into the country and take jobs away from Americans. This is mostly true for African Americans. Illegal immigrants take away jobs that blacks have done in the past: being maids, landscaping, many factory jobs, window cleaning, etc. Not only do they take away potential jobs from Americans, they also drive the cost of labor down because many of them are willing to work for cheaper. This willingness to work for less money makes it so that Americans who work alongside immigrants (illegal or not) are forced to take pay cuts. Trump's deportation policies alongside something like the RAISE Act, which would create a merit-based immigration system in which high-skilled workers are brought in to fill the "skills gap," which is a bunch of job positions which go unfilled, would stop the process of immigrants coming in and taking jobs from African Americans.

Cover Image Credit: Bustle

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