let these Boys' lives be normal again
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let these Boys' lives be normal again

It is important for these innocent boys to be recovered and return their normal lives soon.

let these Boys' lives be normal again

It has been a month since this dramatic event happened...

Before June 23, 2018, not many people had known or cared about where Chiang Rai (Thailand) was on the map. It was still a peaceful countryside located among three countries Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand until 13 lives were announced to be missing somewhere inside one of the longest caves in this Southeast Asian country- Tham Luang Cave.

A multinational rescue was deployed immediately. Many professional divers, rescuers, and volunteers in Thailand and from lots of countries such as United Kingdom, United States, Japan, China, Australia… gathered, collaborated and ran against limited time and whether to bring 12 little boys and their coach to their homes.

Fortunately, thanks to over a thousand of rescuers, they were free after 18 days trapped in the darkness. A lot of tears, smiles with happiness truly appeared everywhere in Thailand and many other places out of this country even though the miracle was not perfect because a hero, ex- Thai Navy SEAL, sacrificed his life for this rescue because of the lack of oxygen.

I am happy for those kids and their families, as well, and I also respect and admire those heroes who saved those young people by risking their own lives. However, when I heard that two producers from Hollywood already registered copyright to make a movie of this extraordinary rescue, I feel worried for this junior soccer team.

Even though I understand everyone is curious and really wants to know more how those boys and their coach could strongly survive in over one week without light, food or clean water, those boys are still too young, and it is not right for other people to mess up their lives now. Those boys do not need to be famous to have better lives. They are still innocent; what they currently need is their families, not cameramen or reporters.

After the boys were rescued, I read some news, and I think the Thai governors are so genius because they are trying to separate those victims from social media and lots of television stations, for both their physics and mental health. It is annoying for the children to be asked tons of questions after spending those scary days underground of the Earth. I'm sure they don't want to recall those memories and describe in detail to reporters. They just need chocolate and chicken fried rice at this moment.

Also, I think they also want their personal lives to be normal again. They want to go to school, meet their friends and play soccer as usual. I'm also sure their families also want their kids to become healthier and live without overthinking about anything like before. Maybe now the children are so excited that they have survived and want to share their stories with everyone, but in a long period, it may become annoying for them because basically their privacies will not be kept in secret anymore.

I read news relating to the miners' rescue in Chile a few days after the Thai rescue. One of the survivors said that they worried that the children might be forgotten forever after many interviews with the media. Of course, there will be many people concerning the boys and the coach recently, but then one day, when the value of these people is over for the media, nobody will care about them. It's similar to what happened to the miners in Chile.

I think the coach is old enough to realize how his life will change after this rescue, so he decides to return the temple to become a monk after being recovered. It is good when people are trying to help those boys, but it will be better if those boys grow up peacefully and normally without being affected by many sides.

What do they love? Simply, families, soccer and now, food. So, I think people should not try to dig deeply into their sensitive hearts and brain. It may be ok if people share their stories as lessons to inspire other children and rescuers, but it may not ok if people try to use their values and create something unreal to earn money or any benefits.

The most important thing is that these brave wild boars, the coach, and the rescuers are currently safe, in physics conditions, and hopefully, in mental conditions, as well.

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