1. "I'm so hungry I'm gonna die."

Having to walk across the street or even just right next door to get food becomes a major inconvenience during exam season. You really start craving home food.

2. "How do you make instant rice?"

It should be extremely simple but it is so easy to mess up.

3. "I think I burned my instant rice."

Remember what I said about it being easy to mess up?

4. "Can you send me a picture of my dog?"

*cries once you see it because she's the most precious creation ever."

5. "Go look at my Insta - I hugged a giraffe today."

No joke. This is a text I sent my mom two weeks ago. College is weird.


6. "Gosh - Did you know adulting is just fixing other people's mistakes?"

She did. She did know this. She's been trying to illustrate this exact concept to me for years. Sorry?


8. "This dog just came on my bus and it's sitting on my foot and I'm in love."

Of course, you have to update her on the best moment of the semester.

9. "OMG I have a story to tell you CALL ME."

10. "All my friends are obsessed with you now..."

My mom is the coolest so this probably doesn't apply to everyone but it is ridiculously true in my life. Everyone loves my mom because she deserves it - she's the best. EVER.

11. *sends so many dorky pictures and gifs*

A Lot of them are from "The Goldbergs" because we freaking love Bev Goldberg.

12. "I fell out of bed last night - Oops"

Once again, 100% real text I sent her two weeks into this semester.

13. "How would I know if I have a concussion?"

This was a direct result of #12 and just so you know.....I did have a concussion. Freshman Pro-tip: If you sleep like an octopus and loft your bed, put the bed-rail on.....TRUST ME!


15. "Has my dog done anything funny today?"

My dog falls out of bed almost as often as I do!

16. "Have you been told how awesome you are today?"

You should have. You are incredibly awesome.

17. "I miss you so much."

18. "See you tomorrow, pretty lady! Gonna give you the biggest hug."

The only thing better than mom texts are mom hugs.