A Testimony to My 2018 Self

A Testimony to My 2018 Self

Life may have hit you with a rock, but throw it back a pebble.

12 months, 365 new chances for adventure, love, and life

One year has terminated and another is born. 2017 was a whirlwind of a year, which the news have constantly tormented and reminded us day after day. However, 2017 was a blessing for many. Some people gained a new family member, others underwent rites of passages marking their progress in life, and some have even became legal citizens.

Everyone's experience with 2017 was unique, some better than others. For me, 2017 was a roller-coaster extravagance at Six Flags. I experienced feelings that were new and frustrating, yet natural for humans. From moments of betrayal, people's true personalities became transparent to me and showed those whom are truly loyal to me. I cut ties with a friendship that I was extremely close with and loved, until I realized I was receiving unrequited love and putting in more effort than is fair.

Jealousy caused unnecessary competition since there are people in the world that do not want to see you succeed. Even I succumbed to jealousy at one point, drowning my mind with paranoid and shrewd thoughts. A peer close to me decided it would be fun to completely conjure up an absolute lie that threatened my reputation. And a boy decided to juggle with my emotions without a single care in the world.

Despite all this, I managed to keep myself sane and still express an inexhaustible joie de vivre. I laughed, smiled, cried tears of joy, and hiked on amazing adventures with people who actually value our relationship. I never did and never will forget about the past, but I don't regret any second of it. I will hold on to these memories because they will hold on to me.

In 2017, I learned how to look out for myself and put myself first when it matters most. Thanks to 2017, I will now walk into 2018 judging who is good enough to be in my life than if I am good enough to be in one's life. I will stop trying to make everything go my way and will let God take the wheel. Karma does exist and will get back at those who do me wrong.

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8 Kinds of Friends We Should All Strive to Have (And To Be)

Friendships comes in all shapes and sizes, but certain types of friendships just make life better.

There are different kinds of qualities each of us looks for in a friendship. Introversion, extraversion, loudness, reservation, patience, humor, kindness, strength. Regardless, we all need a friend, someone in whom to confide our triumphs and failures. We all need someone who just gets us and who helps us get outside of our own heads.

We are social beings by nature and long for meaningful interaction with others to brighten our days and ease our worries. The amount of friends we have doesn't really matter though; quality seems to always beat out quantity in this department. So whether you have one friend or 100, be sure to seek out these qualities in the friends you have always had, the ones you have yet to meet and in yourself as a friend to others.

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6. The kind who celebrate your life for all its beauty...

7. ...and the kind who challenge you to make it even better.

8. The kind who are hard to leave behind.

Cover Image Credit: Lisa Echsner

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12 Tropical Places I'd Love To Go And Defrost From Winter

I need some sunshine, STAT.

Some people call this the most wonderful time of the year.....well those people are wrong. The snow falls from the sky in a hectic craze and covers everything in sight. The snow piles on the ground and freezes everything over. The snow turns to ice and then everything goes to hell. There's nowhere I'd rather be than someplace warm. Here are 12 warm places I'd rather be than here in the cold.

1. Hawaii

Nothing except sunshine and waves all day long.

2. The Bahamas

It's on my bucket list, so why not escape the cold to cross something off my travel list?

3. Bora Bora

Another on the travel list, might as well go big or go home.

4. Cancun

An early spring break trip anyone?

5. Puerto Rico

A quick flight away and no passport required.

6. The Dominican Republic

Don't you wanna go to Punta Cana?

7. Turks & Caicos

A tropical oasis.

8. St. Croix

A US Virgin Island no one can resist!

9. Fiji

In between Hawaii and New Zeland, why not go island hopping?

10. Miami

Drink all day, play all night.

11. California

It might not be the warmest location on the list, but it's a beautiful place to visit and defrost.

12. The Maldives

A tropical getaway in Southeast Asia.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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