Tensions Grow Amidst U.S. Conflict with Iran
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Tensions Grow Amidst U.S. Conflict with Iran

Recent events leading to the death of Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani lead Iran to vow revenge for the death of their inspirational leader

Tensions Grow Amidst U.S. Conflict with Iran

Ever since his election, President Trump has kept the world on the edge of their seats with his unorthodox methods of leadership; his political credibility being the source of worldwide skepticism.

Many have theorized his presidency to that of past dictators in the likes that they share certain qualities and beliefs. These comparisons spawned from the fear that Donald Trump could lead us to similar devastations that those dictators had led their people to.

Now, after signing controversial anti-immigrant and anti-refugee policies, anti-environmental policies, and massive tax giveaways for the wealthy – he continues with his questionable tactics with a 'self-defense' strike that terminated Iranian military officer Qasem Soleimani on January 3, 2020.

The decision to target Gen. Qassem Soleimani was a response to the rocket attack on a U.S.-Iraqi base that led to the death of an American contractor.

Regardless of the justification of killing the 'evil terrorist' known as Soleimani, this man was regarded as an inspirational military leader by his people and arguably the second most powerful man in the country of Iran.

Maya Angelou once stated that hate has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet. Through the words of Angelou, it is easy to understand that, by killing this man, the U.S. has responded with a hateful act that will only breed more hate among nations.

We can see how the death of Soleimani will likely lead to hateful retaliation that could even escalate to a state of war.

Media has been released already about how Iran has quickly resorted to violence; in the instance of Soleimani's funeral where at least 50 people were killed in a stampede and through the warning threats of Iran's revenge.

As Trump proudly takes credit for killing General Soleimani, he argues that his actions were intended to stop a war, not to start one.

But is that really the case? Or are we, the people, only viewing the scenario through the lenses that Trump and other U.S. officials have led the media to provide us. Opinion columnist for the NY Times – Michelle Goldberg – puts recent events into perspective with her article titled "The Nightmare Stage of Trump's Rule Is Here," where she emphasizes her fears that were induced by the rising conflict in the Middle East.

Goldberg touches on Trump's threats to commit war crimes by destroying Iranian cultural sites, using Twitter to express his intentions to Congress.

Aside from the seriousness of the issue, a considerable amount of media is being produced on social networking where people are making memes and jokes about going to war with Iran.

Amidst the growing tensions between Iranian and U.S. military forces, citizens could likely become targeted if Iran decides to strike highly populated communities or sites.

The fact that posts of this nature are so quickly trending shows that the American people are not considering the detrimental possibilities that this global issue could lead to.

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