10 Things I Know to Be True
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10 Things I Know to Be True

This is an assignment I had to do in one of my classes and I really liked it so I decided share it.

10 Things I Know to Be True

My Mom's Hugs Can Solve Any Problem

My mom gives the best hugs. Whenever I hug her I feel instantly better, my whole body just relaxes. Now this doesn't have to be a hug from your mom, it could be a sibling, your dad, a best friend, a family member, whoever really. Sometimes that physical contact can just help you to relax and feel better.

Bottling Up Your Emotions is Never a Good Idea.

Bottling up your emotions in unhealthy, because if you keep everything locked inside you will eventually just blow up one day. You need to express your emotions and let out your thoughts, because if you don't you will focus on it and it will consume you. Or if you repress it you will never truly heal or move past from these feelings, they will just be buried deep inside you. So communicate how you feel, let it out! You will feel much better after you do this, trust me.

You Can't Stop People From Leaving 

This is one of the hardest lessons that I have ever had to learn. For the longest time I wondered why I was not enough? Why couldn't I make them stay? Where did I go wrong? Then I realized it wasn't me, people just leave. They leave for their own reasons and you can't change their minds or stop them. Even if you love this person or believe they will be there for you forever, sometimes they will just leave. It sucks, it absolutely sucks when they leave. It will hurt so deep in your heart but what you have to remember is that it is not your fault, they had to leave for whatever reason, don't beat yourself up over it. Cry over it if you need to, take time to heal and then move forward. It will be hard but even when they leave life still goes on and you will too.

It's Okay to Do Things By Yourself

In life you will have to do things alone, and sometimes this is by choice, others by force and they can be scary. But it is ok to do it alone, if you want to see a movie and none of your friends want to go with you, just go alone. Craving sushi when you are on your lunch break and no one else is? Go by yourself! Plenty of people do things alone and no one really cares therefore no one is going to be judging you. I am not saying do everything alone, but this is just a reminder that it is OK to do things alone and that you should no be afraid to do so.

Everyone Feels a Little Lost Sometimes

Life is confusing. Our lives are constantly changing everyday, even if you have a planned schedule, things will still come up. You could find your sunglasses that you lost three months ago or maybe be late to work because you were stuck in traffic, life is unpredictable. Since it is unpredictable and rapidly changing, sometimes we can feel lost in the shuffle of things. Unsure of where to go, what to do, or how to handle things. I just want to tell you that, it is OK. Everyone feels that way at some point or another, it is completely noraml! When you feel lost, take sometime to do actives that ground you, do some self-care, hangout with friends, re-find yourself. From there take a deep breath and find your path.

Music is Good for the Soul

Music can effect your mood, it can make your day's better or worse, get you through a hard time or make your car rides better. Music can help heal you after hard times in your life, artists create music for us. Listen to music, play the same song on repeat for hours, switch between artists constantly. Let music make your life better.

Love is the Most Powerful Thing You Can Give

Love is infinite, love is endless, love is wonderful. You can give love to everyone, it is free and one of the best gifts. You can give love in many ways, holding the dorm open for someone, help your friend study for a test, surprise someone with their favorite candy. Simple things that you can do, spread love and can easily make someone's day. Spread love in any and every way that you can.

You Can Reinvent Your Appearance an Infinite Amount of Times, But What is Deep Down is What Truly Counts

We all want to present ourselves in the best possible way, but we need to not forget who we are on the inside. I have dyed my hair, chopped it all off, grown it out, gotten piercings, changed my fashion sense and have made just about any impulsive change to my appearance that I could. Yet I still feel lost on who I am, what I want to do and who I want to be. In the midst of changing myself, I never really went below the surface level. Every time I reinvented my appearance, I claimed I was a whole new person, which I wasn't. I am not saying by any means I was a bad person, but just like everyone else I had things that I needed to work on. This is a lesson that I just really learned, when I started college I quickly began to feel like I was loosing myself, and I knew I needed to fix that immediately. So what I did was I thought long and hard about what my beliefs are, what are my morals, what makes me who I am, what is important me, what do I want out of life and most importantly who do I want to be? After lots of self examination I believe I am starting to work on the best version of me. Remember there is nothing wrong with changing your appearance, just always remember who you are underneath because that it was is most important.

Keeping an Open Mind is Key

An open mind is essential for life. Be open to new experiences, new foods, new books, new movies, new anything. If you don't branch out in life you may end up getting stuck in a rut and become unhappy, so go out and try something new. It is also good to keep an open mind when meeting new people, give everyone a chance, the same thing goes along with starting at a new job, or school. Be open and optimistic about something, until it could give a reason not to be.

When You Don't Know What to Do, Eating a Chocolate Chip Cookie is Probably the Answer

You don't have to eat a chocolate chip cookie specifically, any comfort food or snack will work. Whenever you are feeling stressed or confused, you need to breathe and take a break for what is causing this feeling for you. Eating a snack is a great way to do this, I have eaten lots of chocolate chip cookies when I am stressed, bored, tired, happy, really at any and all times. A good snack can really do the trick in boosting your mood, or helping you destress.

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